Friday, January 30, 2009

Night 4

So tonight was a little bit rougher. I rocked him for 5 min. and then put him in his crib and I sat half way across the room. He rolled a little and then stood up. He stood up and sat back down a few times and then started screaming. He screamed for a while and then sat down in the middle of his crib and kind of shrugged his shoulders like he didn't know what to do. Then he folded himself in half and started sucking on his toes. He did this for about 5 min. I tried very hard not to laugh. I wished I had my phone so I could text Dave. Mostly I wondered what the hell I would do if he fell asleep like that. But he ended up scooching out onto his belly with his butt in the air and falling asleep. All in all it took 20 min. which probably is a good thing because he got to practice putting himself to sleep.

Onto the house...we've had 5 (I think) "lookers" this week and one is revisiting with her husband tomorrow. I am sooooooo tired of cleaning this house! When we move, I may not clean that house for 6 months! Let's hope something big happens this week!

PS- He didn't sleep so well. He woke up twice but we were able to get him to go back to sleep in his crib. Then about 3:30 when he woke up for the third time, Dave just brought him in with us. Hope this waking up thing was just a one night thing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleep Lady Rocks!!!

Why did I not read this book (Good Night, Sleep Tight) first? The Sleep Lady talks about the Sleep Lady Shuffle. Nights 1-3 you sit next to the crib, 4-6 half way across the room, etc. moving every 3 days until they can't see you anymore and are falling asleep on their own. So tonight was night 3. I had been laying him down the last 2 nights so my goal tonight was to not touch him so when I move back tomorrow night, he'd be ready for it. So, I rocked him for 5 min. and laid him down. He just laid there. He didn't scream or stand. He just looked at me and within 6 min. was asleep.

At lunch a friend and I were discussing how night 3 can be much worse because they're figuring out that this is not a joke and get pissed, but I guess he was ready for it. I actually cried looking at him sleeping there. It's been such a long road and I can't believe that he's such a big boy that he can just put himself to sleep. I think he just wasn't ready before and now he is. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes for the next few days and see if it sticks!

PS- He slept in his crib until 5 am again. He did wake up at 8:45pm, but I just went in and sat next to his crib again and said, "You're ok. Go nigh-night" and he did.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleep Training...Again

So, we started sleep training, again, last night. The first time around got derailed by 2 front teeth and a cold. Last night I rocked him to sleep but he woke up when I set him down, so I decided it was time to try again. He stood in his crib for an hour and ten minutes crying pretty hard. Then he sat down. I helped him lay down and he passed out holding onto the side of the crib with his face pressed up against the bars. It was very sad! He stayed asleep until 2:45am. We considered it successful. We've decided to start slow and only work on falling asleep at bedtime in the crib. Once we have that under control then we'll move to night wakings. I figure the slow method worked with weaning so why not try it for sleeping too.

On the house front...we've lost our renters in the Round Rock house as of March1st! And we had to lower the price of our S. Austin house almost to our bottom limit. But on the plus side, we've had three people look at the house this week...two today. That's the same number of people who had looked at it in the last month. Keep your fingers crossed!

PS - Night 2
I rocked him for 6 min., laid him down, he screamed for 10 min. and was asleep! Amazing! Who knows how long he'll stay that way, but he's well on his way! Probably just a fluke because he's tired from only getting a 30 min. afternoon nap because of all the "house lookers" we had today.

PPS - He slept until 5am in his bed!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Off the Booby!

Last night was our first night completely off the booby! I weaned him down 1 minute each night and then when we got to 2 min. I just gave him some water. He fussed a bit, but seemed to do ok. I'll try a few more nights then start trying to get him into his bed full-time, again.

Today he decided to start carrying this bucket around so I stuck Froggie in it. Too cute! We've also had a big fight over the tv buttons today. The only way I can get him to stop is to carry him away and set him in a time-out spot. Then he goes back to the tv, pushes a button and turns and smiles. He laughs all the way to time-out but then cries because he's alone. Not sure if this is working but nothing else seems to. I'm in trouble. Time-out at 11's gonna be a long toddlerhood!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Day in FL

Rosie bought Connor this hat so that he could match Dennis, but I had to bribe him with the remote to get him to leave it on.

Rosie, Connor and I on the beach.

Mini Me
Thank you Rosie and Dennis for having us as your guests. We had a great time!

Connor, Mommy andFroggie

I said I don't like the sand!


So Connor and I had kind of a rough morning this morning...I tried to sell him by 7:30am. He was a wild man! He woke up at 5:30am! I couldn't get him back to sleep at all so we got up at 5:45am. He then proceeded to chew on computer cords, stick his finger in the light socket, bite me, throw his breakfast and just wreak general havoc! He's finally gotten used to our new surroundings and comfortable enough to explore. Why did I encourage him to walk? What was I thinking?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Crappy Camera

So now my camera not only refuses to speak to the computer, but it also refuses to speak to me! I don't want to send it in to get it fixed 1 month before Connor's birthday. I found a site online that tells how to fix it, but I need the smallest screwdriver known to man. So I guess we'll hunt through Destin to find one. Of course the old people here probably don't even know that screws that small exist because they can't see them so it might be difficult to find. Wish me luck!

Yesterday we attempted to go to the movies to see Doubt. Connor and I didn't even make it to the beginning of the film before having to walk out. He really liked walking up and down the hall outside...he's doing so well with the walking. But then I discovered that Tale of Desperaux had started at the same time and was playing next door and best of all had NO ONE in it! So we went in there and Connor was mesmerized and after 15 min. fell asleep. Then I went back into my movie and got to watch all but the last 5 min. Not bad!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Boy Food

Connor has really taken off with eating big boy food. He's had peas, a whole grilled cheese, orange slice, potato, cottage cheese and probably lots more. I bought some baby food for our trip but I think he's only had two jars in the 4 days that we've been here.

Rosie gave him a lemon hoping for a funny such luck. He liked it.

I put him in the pack and play just to see what he'd do. He decided to play for a little while and hit the books. Unfortunately he got stuck in his book. It was pretty funny.

Today is Connor's 11 month birthday. I cannot believe that he will be 1 yr old in a month! I have no idea how we will celebrate. He's moved from baby to big boy in just the last week....walking, eating real food, signing to get more food. It's amazing to watch him grow. I can't wait to see what else is in store!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beach Sunset

Tuesday was the warmest day we'll have while we're here so we went walking and looking at all the pretty houses. We drove to a little town called Watercolor near Seaside. The water and the beach are sooooo beautiful here. The exact color of paintings.

Connor has begun to really branch out this week in what he'll eat. He ate pasta, peas and cottage cheese today. There have been a few days lately with no baby food at all. I think we're almost there full-time. He also uses that more sign A LOT! In the car I was looking at the water, and not at him, he would hit me, I'd look at him and he'd sign more. Then last night he "napped" from 7:30 -8:30 after a very quick attempt to go to the dice. When he got up he signed more, so I gave him a few cheerios and he was happy. I wonder if he'll pick up other signs or if he just wants the food so he uses this one to his advantage.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Beach

These first two pics are the view from the condo balcony. Breathtaking...too bad it's freezing out there!

Connor's first trip to the beach. I think he liked it. He wasn't at all sure of the sand. I think he ended up sucking it off his hands!

Connor's first trip to McDonalds's and NO...I did not feed him any fries.

Connor signing more. I was so excited when he got up this morning and remembered how to sign more.

Our other big excitement of the day was going to the outlets. Connor is SET for summer clothes...thanks Nana Rosie and Papaw Dennis. And Mommy needed to buy underwear because she forgot to pack them! DUMB! I was so concerned about getting everything (my suitcase was 65 lbs...luckily we checked it before leaving and I just went with 2) that I forgot to double check my stuff.

We had a second couple come look at the house on Sun. They liked it a lot and it's at the top of their list, but they just started looking. So keep your fingers crossed.

Off to FL

On Sunday Connor and I went to Destin, FL to visit Rosie and Dennis. Connor got his own seat on the flight from Houston to Pensacola. On the plane from Austin to Houston, Connor learned to sign more! It was amazing. He does the baby sign, but it's soooooo cute. He does it in the car and all the time now.

We had to go to the grocery store to stock up on baby snacks. Connor got to ride in the big boy cart.

We had a hard time convincing him to hold on to the steering wheel, but once he figured it was FUN!

The weather is supposed to be pretty cold while we're here. Hopefully we'll get to go to the beach at some point.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Connor just let go tonight and walked across the living room. Dave and I just looked at each other with open mouths and then back at Connor. We got him to do it again and again. Now the real trouble starts!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Temper, Temper, Temper

So the tantrums have begun! Not sure where he gets this temper (Dave??? Dave will blame Froggie I'm sure!) but it's really starting to show it's ugly head on a regular basis....about 10 times a day! If you close a door before he gets there, this happens. If Sophie steals the cardboard tube he's playing with, this happens. Pretty much anything will set it off! Obviously, right now, I think it's funny. I just walk away and hopefully that will not reinforce it.

On Saturday, the second front tooth broke through. That makes four whole teeth! In the last two weeks we've had to deal with two teeth and a cold...which he gave to me, but we're both over now! We're also working on learning to use a spoon. I tried to give him the spoon this morning and he thought I was crazy, but at dinner he seemed to get the idea and think it was loads of fun. He was a major mess, but starting to get the idea!

On the house front, it's been on the market for a week. We've had one couple come through and one couple come to the door. We're hoping it picks up a bit here and someone loves it and buys it for full price...too much to ask? We are continuing to look for a house to move into WHEN someone buys ours. We're narrowing in on what we like. Let's just hope we get it!

On Sunday Connor and I are going to Florida to stay with Rosie and Dennis for a week. Poor Dave has to stay home with the dogs and try not to mess up the house!