Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Food

I would swear that baby food flies out of this house almost as fast as diapers. (I think there's a connection there...maybe.) But this is how Connor looks right now after knocking back his second four ounce jar of baby food's only 12:30pm. I'm thinking he's got this eating thing down!

He's being very difficult about going into seats these days so it's just become easier to deal with him in the walker. makes it harder to hit your mark.

And now that he's finished, he's making "presents" for Mommy. (I think this is where that connection thing comes in!)

Everybody's Gotta Have Friends

We have been very lucky and made some good friends with couples who also have 5.5 month olds. Corbin is in the middle both in the picture and birth order. He is the smallest of the three, but definitely the fastest. He's ready to crawl while the other two are not strong enough yet to support their "weight." Sawyer, on the right, already has two teeth and is the best sleeper of the three.

Connor was happy just to hang out. They all thought the six adults trying everything to get them to smile were pretty funny looking.

Poor Corbin wasn't happy to be the guy in the middle. Can't you just hear Sawyer saying, "You ok, dude?"

Aren't they cute?

Sawyer wanted to make sure that Corbin's nails were clean and safe to be chewed on. What a friend!

I guess they were ok. And Connor...just sitting there talking to his feet.

We had lots of fun getting the boys together and comparing "war" stories. We can't wait to do it again and look forward to watching them all grow.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Fun

Connor and Marley have started getting along. Marley really likes blankets...enough to let the baby touch her as long as she gets to lie on one. He's working on opening and closing his hands so it makes a nice "pet" for Marley.

Our new friends in the neighborhood, MacKenzie, Jason and Corbin went to the Driftwood Winery with us. We got to see Courtney and had lots of fun.
Corbin's a BIG drinker. What's in that sippy cup?

Of course Froggie had WAYYYYY too much to drink...again. Courtney had to hold his hair while he puked.

Connor liked just hanging out with Mommy.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Dave finished up his first batch of "Connor's Cloudy Ale" last night. We have to wait three weeks to taste it though.

The first bottle!

Connor supervised the entire activity.

He loves this toy that we borrowed from Addie. He likes to try and catch the animals as they move.

Sophie had a playdate today! We need to see Molly more often.

We are also working hard at getting ready for our trip to Ireland for my sister's wedding. Only two weeks to go. I have never spent so much time looking for a sweatshirt. It is almost impossible to find a sweatshirt in TX when it's 105 degrees outside.

BTW, Connor weighed 19lbs. 13 oz. today at the doctor's office! What is he going to be at 1 yr? OH MY! He is currently working very hard at getting the band-aid off his leg where he got his shots. I think that eye hand coordination thing is really kicking in. Another thing that is kicking in is attitude. Everything is a fight! Changing diapers and clothes, eating, sleeping...everything! I think he's got his own ideas about things are supposed to go and he just can't tell me so he screams and kicks and rolls until I get the picture! Can the terrible two's kick in at 5 months? I get the feeling I'm in big trouble with this one!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flying Monkeys

Well, we had our first "incident" today. I was looking through and folding clothes on our bed with Connor sitting on the bed at least 18 inches in. He leaned over like he does all the time and suddenly he did a somersault right over the edge. He landed on his back on the floor. He cried, but more from being stunned from hitting the floor than from pain, I think. There were no tears and he nursed (only the second time today...ouch Mommy!) right away. He has no marks and I've stopped shaking.

He seems ok from that. He's been pretty crabby lately and was not happy about going to see Mama Mia today. He will not nap and when I try to rock him he screams and fights so hard that he coughs from screaming. He will not sit alone or play on the floor. He will only be quiet if you are holding him while standing up. Didn't we go through this about 4 months ago? I'm hoping he gets through this phase before we get on a plane to Ireland in 2.5 weeks.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I found out today that my cat, Matlin, died. I had to give her away a year and half ago when I moved in with Dave. In my mind I know this was a good trade, but at the time it was difficult. I gave her to my friend Elizabeth's mom. I know that she probably had a better life with her than she would have had with me. She got tons of attention and lived out her days in a grand way. She had a typical tortoise-shell tabby attitude and loved to attack Marley when she wasn't looking. Marley and I had 9.5 good years with her. I hope she was not in pain and is in a better place.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Times

Connor has really been working on sitting up. He can go at least 15 min. without falling over. He's also started taking 30 min. naps in bed alone (my bed, but it's a start) and going to bed at 9pm alone. Not only has it been good for Connor, but it's been good for Mommy too. I feel like I've been freed! I can get a few things done around the house now or just sit and drink my coffee in the morning. He's growing and changing so quickly it's amazing! He'll be 5 months old tomorrow! WOW!

Daddy was shampooing the carpets so we had to find some place for the rest of us to play.

Connor took his first trip to Pluckers. He sat in a high-chair and ordered a big-ass beer, wings and fried pickles.

Poor slave Daddy! He had to clean the carpets and the couches before Playgroup on Monday.

Lexie tried out Connor's walker. She's a mover and a shaker though and is faster on the floor.

The boys were just hanging out talking about cars and girls.

The girls were hanging out talking about clothes. We had a great time and can't wait to play again!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Froggie Does Ft. Worth

Froggie, Connor and Mommy went to Ft. Worth to visit Amanda, Travis and Wildman Aiden. We had a great time visiting and were sad to leave, but Daddy was lonely with just the dogs.

While we were there Connor learned to sit up all by himself. Daddy's not going to let us go out of town any more because each time we do Connor learns a new trick.

Aiden was playing with a bottle of nail polish. Do I need to say any more?

Aiden loved Connor, esp. his walker.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free At Last

Watch Out! Here he comes! I got Connor a walker yesterday and he loves it! I needed some thing mobile for him to sit in so I can get some things done around the house. He doesn't like to lay on the floor and play...he only wants to stand up now. So I thought this would work and it's a big hit. When Dave got home he "helped" Connor chase Sophie. He actually had some big belly laughs during that! He's pretty much eye-to-eye with the dogs in this. I've seen him look at Sophie's tail when she walks by. Once he figures out he can grab it life will be VERY different for her!

BTW, I measured those thighs this week. They're 10 inches around!