Monday, February 21, 2011

Destin, FL

We took a little vacation to Destin, FL to stay with Rosie and Dennis and look who snuck into the van! Looks like Froggie hasn't changed any!

The first morning Nana Rosie showed the boys how to feed the seagulls.

Evan and Dave took a little walk on the beach. It took us until Friday, the last day, to convince Connor that the beach was fun.

This was the view from the balcony. It was awesome! The weather was great most of the week too. But on Thursday this cloud settled on the beach and didn't go away until Fri afternoon.

We went on a dolphine cruise. The excitement was too much for Connor and he passed out. But Evan and I got to see lots of dolphins.

Sunset on the dolphin cruise

All Connor talked about was wanting to drive the boat, but when we tried to wake him up to just that..he wasn't interested.

Dave and Connor went to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola....Evan and I went shopping!

Pilot in training???

We finally convinced Connor the beach was a fun place to play. He decided to dig for buried treasure.

At first, Evan thought it was funny to try and put sand all over Mommy and himself, but then he discovered he was dirty and wasn't so happy.

Filling the bucket so he could make a sand castle.

On Thursday evening, Rosie and Dennis watched the boys and Dave and I went out to dinner. Connor and Dennis made up a game with a blanket, a stool and a potato...who knows..but they were having fun!

Rosie watching them being silly.

We had a nice relaxing week and were sad to be coming home and back to the daily grind. The only good thing was that now it's shorts weather in TX!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Party

We had a mini birthday party today at Chick-Fil-A with just a few friends. Connor picked this cake from Target since we are going to the beach.

Being silly!

You can "never ever" (Connor's current favorite saying) get everyone looking at the camera.

He was very patient today. He's waiting for everyone to come out of the play area so we can have cake.

Baby brothers are cute too!

Opening presents back at home...he got some games, some books, some new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvds, a slinky, an easel and some markers/chalk for the easel. Plus some money/gift cards that he'll probably use on Mickey Mouse stuff. Thanks for all the great presents!

Sophie wants to know if there was anything to eat!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cupcake Challenge

We had some snow last week along with ice which makes things VERY bad in TX.

Connor finally decided to try out the roller skates Aunt Lydia and Uncle Matt sent. He carries them around more than he wears them, but it's a start.

When we did our family pictures, Dave bribed the boys into cooperating by telling them he'd get donuts afterwards. Glad the pictures were already done!

Evan loves donuts! A few days later he went to the counter where the donuts had been sitting and pointed, obviously wanting more donuts!

I made some pumpkin muffins to try and trick the boys into eating something healthy. So we went to the store and found some fun candy toppers for them.

Evan had an Elmo topper for his muffin but he used it to dip in the frosting and lick it off. It kind of disintegrated in his hand.

Apple, pumpkin & chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting...yummy!

Since the pumpkin muffins were a success I thought I'd attempt red velvet & cheesecake cupcakes for Connor's Valentine's party at school...didn't work out so well. AND, attempt number 2 only looked slightly better than this!

Finally I switched recipes to a little less complicated one and got one that looked better...but it needs some tweaking because it didn't have much taste...therefore I am now in a cupcake challenge and will work on this until I get it to come out right!

On another note, I had a good visit with my OB this week and feel like we have a good plan for when we're ready to try again. It's nice to feel like you're getting the care you think you should. I am going to switch to the other maternal fetal medicine specialist in the practice that I go to because I met a woman on FB that has the same issues as I do and sees the other dr so we feel that this other dr may have more experience. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Connor is still addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Evan has started requesting Backyardigans. Last night Evan dug out a Backyardigan dvd, pointed to the tv, said "Pablo" and signed please! He can definitely get his point across most times!