Monday, May 24, 2010

8 Months Old!!!

Evan is 8 months old today! It's amazing! He's so big and fun!

He can get anywhere and almost anything he wants now. He's all over the house and following Connor and making him scream..just the beginning of that I'm sure! He can crawl on his knees or his hands and feet and pull up on things. He's become attached to these little finger puppets (in his left hand). He carries them around everywhere, but he doesn't sleep with them.

He still has no teeth, but is getting good at feeding himself Puffs. He's starting to learn some words. He knows Connor, Sophie, milkies, all done and Evan. He claps and we say "Yeah" and he waves and we say "Hi!" which he thinks is funny.

Connor got a new Tag Reader this weekend. I had been wanting to get him one for a while now, but I found it on sale for 50% plus I had an additional $5 off coupon so now was the time! He loves it. He knows that if he touches the words with the pen it will read it for him. (He's upset that it doesn't work on all books so we have to work on increasing our Tag Reader library.) He's also shown us that he knows some letter sounds by playing some of the games in the back of the books. We've been having a heck of time with getting him to sleep lately. Let's hope it's just a phase and not the way things are going to go from now on. It's been taking him 2 hrs to fall asleep at night...I'm exhausted!

We've been doing a little curb appeal improvement on the house. As you can see the money we spent on the sprinkler system last fall was definitely worth it. We planted some flowers in front and Dave painted the shutters black this weekend making it all come together to look like a real house and not a neglected shack! We've lived here for a year last week and I think we've made some positive improvements. We are definitely happy we're here and have all this room to run around in.

BTW, I was elected President of my Moms Club this past Friday. I'm looking forward to a fun year of being more involved in my community!

I also found out last week that I may only have 6 years to complete my Master's degree and I'm already 4 yrs into it and still have 6 classes to go. So I'm trying to get a definite answer on the time limit and trying to figure out if I want to take classes this summer (which I KNOW I don't but may have to to get it done).

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Evan chowing on his first corn on the cob in Kansas City.

Here he comes!

Almost there...

Hi Mommy!

Evan learned to crawl last weekend. On Sat. morning in the hotel he was trying very hard but not quite getting it. When we got to Kansas City later that afternoon, I set him on the floor in the living room and crawled right across the room. It was amazing. I guess that's why he was fussing so much in the car on the way up there. He had places to go and he wanted to get out! He is all over the place now and even occasionally pulls up on things. Just before we left KC I heard him crying downstairs. I went down and he was stuck on the stairs with his hands on the second step and his feet on the floor. He had no idea how to get down. He is into all of Connor's toys and as you can imagine..that's not going over well. It's all downhill for Connor from here...he's gotta learn to share and his reign as king of all toys is OVER!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kansas City

The boys and I made the long drive to KC to visit my aunt and uncle. It was rough to say the least. Connor actually did better than expected but I'm pretty sure that was due to the 101 fever he had for the entire drive. Evan on the other hand started screaming 20 min into the two day drive. He was either asleep or awake and crying the entire drive. It took us 10 hrs the first day to drive what should have been 7.5 hrs. We did better the second day though.

Connor has been working very hard on his quest to be the world's worst house guest. He's spilled almost every drink he's had (and one of mine) and he even peed on the carpet! We also think he might have passed his cold onto Uncle Roger.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was a lot of work for the mommy but that was just because I had to push 50 lbs of kids in a stroller around a gigantic park with surprisingly few animals. Tomorrow we're going to try a dinosaur exhibit. Hope he doesn't knock one down!

My aunt is doing really well. Hopefully some of my suggestions will help in her recovery.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Week

Connor got a "new" bike last week from our MOMS Club garage sale. He thinks it's VERYYY cool! We found out that it makes noise too...GREAT! He's still working using the pedals but he can make it move without those...we just have to remind him not to run over his brother!

Connor had his first ice cream cone last night. It went just as you'd expect...more on his face, hands and shirt than in him, but he sure liked it! Also if you look under his nose you can see a new sore. The kid is covered in boo-boos these days. Not really sure what happened with the nose but it was bad. He came inside crying and covered in blood. I just hope it doesn't leave a scar.

Poor Evan had to sit and read books while we ate ice cream. Sometimes it sucks to be the baby! He is soooooo close to crawling. He can get the hands going and even one knee, but then he either falls to his belly or backs off and sits up. I'm sure it will be this week though!

Messy eater!

We went down to the Capitol Bldg. It was a gorgeous day!

Dave's Aunt Joyce was touring TX with her travel group so we met them for lunch. It was nice to catch up.

Poor Evan was sick again this week. He was VERY crabby last Sunday and then woke up with a fever around 1am than night. I took him to the dr and they did all those same blood tests and holding him down to look in his ears for extended periods of times. he screamed and screamed this time. It was not fun! Turns out he just has an ear infection, but it must have been very uncomfortable for him. We got some antibiotics (his 2nd round in 2 months) but then his nose got bad a couple days later. He sounds pretty stuffed up and of course it was the day before he was supposed to have shots so we had to reschedule those, again. This kid will do anything not to get his shots!

I finished up my graduate class this week. I had to do a presentation and a paper, but now I'm done for the semester! I have 21 hours out of 39 so there's still a ways to go.