Monday, March 28, 2011

Evan is 18 Months!!!

Evan had his 18 month appointment today! He was 25lbs 9 oz (50%) and 31 3/4in (30%) and his head was only 85%ile instead of 90% like last time! He got 2 shots and barely cried at all! She kind of questioned me when I said I had no worries about him, but I don't. He is sweet, kind, friendly, sleeps and eats well and is your typical 18 month old. He is entering the octopus phase. We went to Target after the appt and when the cart got too near the shelves he was pulling things off and tossing them in the basket. He also likes to stand up in the carts these days so shopping is getting difficult!

Evan can say quite a bit and gets his meaning across most times. He loves Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Pablo and anything dog. I counted a few weeks ago and he had 4 blankets and 8 dogs in his bed. He loves to eat, but won't let me feed him anything. He insists on sitting on the potty anytime I do and makes me take off his diaper at bed time so he can sit on there naked. He peed a little in the potty and a lot on the floor last week...he may be potty trained before his brother! He still loves to have "Mama" hold him and makes sure I can't get anything done without him being right there to see. He loves to play in water and dump out toys and generally the rule with him is the messier the better! He's very helpful and sometimes he even shares with his brother...who rarely shares back with him!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture Wall

We decided to decorate the front hall with all of our new pictures! Thank you IKEA!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dave - 0; Toilet - 5

Sunday night around 3:30am Dave decided to get up to go to the RR. He said he wasn't feeling well while he was in there and decided to lay down because he thought he might faint. So I woke up when I heard him hit the door. I knocked and opened the door and saw him laying on the floor and asked him what was going on. He said he wasn't feeling well but that now his foot hurt. Within 10 min. he started feeling better and hopped back to bed. The next morning he said his foot still hurt and that he couldn't walk on it. He went to the dr and then today to the podiatrist and found out that he'd broken the metatarsals in 3 places and a little break in the big toe. My question was that if he was with it enough to pull up his pants before going down, why wasn't he with it enough to open the door so he had more room? But who knows what someone is thinking at 3:30 in the morning. So on Monday he gets a cast! Wonder what color he'll choose??? Connor keeps asking him why he's wearing a silly shoe.

Mickey Mouse

Connor still has his obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now it's become contagious. Evan likes this big Mickey...but he likes to bite it and fight it!

I thought I'd try something new on the cake front so I make a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. I need to work on tinting the icing and this cake ended up not being big enough..but that's why you practice!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family Pics

We got the pics in the mail today! They are awesome! I'm so glad we did it this way! I LOVE them all!

Here's the link for the pictures if you'd like to order some too. They are pretty reasonably priced for coming from a professional photographer.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cake Class

I started a 4 week cake decorating class this week. Today I tried out the project I'm supposed to be able to do in class next week. All in all...not a bad job. And one of my friends asked me to do her kid's birthday cake in May! So now I really need to get practicing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It was kind of a rough week last week!

Lots of MOMS Club drama...then on Thursday morning Evan started throwing up, but it was a weird kind of puke because he was still eating and didn't seem sick at all. He threw up a total of 4 times over 24 hrs, never had a fever and then had some nasty diapers on Fri and woke up with a new tooth on Sat morning. So we figured that was what was causing the problems.

Sat night we had two other families over for dinner and as they were walking in the door Connor started throwing up...literally! He threw up at least 15 times until 2am! Then at 7:30am on Sun he was back up, jumping around and asking for milk. He didn't eat much until Tues evening, but by this morning he was starving and back to least as much as a Connor usually eats...which isn't much!

As you can see from the picture, Evan has entered the "play" stage! I remember Connor did the same thing at about this age...started by feeding his stuffed animals. It's so cute! He's also learned to say "yellow" and "hugs". They are growing way tooooo fast!