Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bodie Graduates

Bodie finished his Beginner Education class this week!

He's not really digging the hat!

So much for that!

He did pretty well in his class. He even won the "Musical Sits" game last week. He's still working on Come and Stay so we signed up for the next round of classes to make sure that we get those under control. He has definitely been doing better since he came home from the dog kennel. It must have scared him! He's a sweet boy that gets a little too wound up sometimes. He has another Lab mix in the neighborhood that he plays with. The lady took him home with her the other morning to play. She came back 15 min later though saying that the two of them destroyed her house and got mud all over! I guess that's the end of play dates for Bodie.

11 Months!

They both love their Moo-Moo seat and got caught making an attempt to share it...Evan looks a little evil in the last pic though! Evan wants pretty much anything Connor has (and vice versa usually) these days so both smiling in a pic is getting harder and harder to do.

Evan was 11 months old on Tues. He had a nasty little virus last weekend that caused a fairly high fever (102.9) for a few days. But by Sun he was over it in time to be pummeled by a front tooth coming through...that makes 4 in case (in 3 weeks) you're counting! He also took 7 steps walking between Dave and I on Sun! He has been consistently taking 2-3 steps this week and letting go while walking from couch to couch and other toys. It won't be long before he's a walker! He has been sleeping in his crib the whole night for a week now and we are down to nursing only once a day! We are getting ready for that 1st birthday to come and be a big boy! He has signed "more" a few times. He pretty consistently signs "finished" when he's done eating (or just starts throwing food on the floor and giggling while the dogs fight for it). He puts his arms up when he wants to be picked up. He doesn't really say anything yet though. I've been trying to get him to say "mmmaaaa" when he gives a kiss...he's done that a time or two. He's pretty much done with baby food and eats constantly....more often than not we just stop feeding him, he doesn't tell us he's done! We still call him "Chunk" which I really need to stop doing but it's a perfect nickname right now still...he's going to be tall and skinny and we'll still call him that! He's a happy boy that loves to play and bother and his brother!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week

Evan got tooth number two (bottom right) some where over the US on our trip back from IN on Mon. Then on Thurs he got tooth number 3 (bottom left). He got 3 teeth in about 10 days..craziness! We're waiting for the other top front tooth to come in...he kind of looks like snaggle tooth right now.

We've decided it's time to repaint the inside of the house. It appears to be easier said than done...with 18 ft ceilings that have to be repainted too! We've been to Home Depot a couple of times looking for paint colors. The boys love going to HD because they get to sit in the driving cart. We've picked many of the colors so far, but as I type Dave is on the phone with his nephew working out a deal to get some discount on Sherwin Williams paint...which means I'm gonna have to start over picking colors! The boys and I are going to CO to visit Lydia and Matt over Labor Day weekend...I know what Dave will be doing!


While we were in Indy we went to the Children's Museum. It's supposed to be the biggest in the world! Connor was very excited to sit in the race car. There was quite a wait (at least for a 2 yr old) so he didn't get to sit in it long.

Evan had a good time!

Evan really liked the flowers.

Connor fell asleep in the car on the way there and stayed passed out for the first 30 min that we were there. Traveling is rough on little guys!

We went to the bus barn to see Nana Rosie. She let Connor "drive" some buses and took us on a ride. He would have stayed for hours I think. He wanted to get on every bus...Rosie told us there were 94!

He has a fascination with being in the "driver's seat". He loves to play with the steering wheel and pretend he's driving. I've had to explain to him on numerous occasions that he's only 2!

Trying to find the pedal

I need to get some more pics from my mom...she's not in any of these. It was hard for us to take pics and wrangle the boys at the same time.

We had a good time and got to see many old friends. The boys traveled really well. Evan slept in a pack n play (which Connor never did) and Connor slept on an inflatable bed on the floor.


We went to Indianapolis last weekend for my 20th High School Reunion! (Dave went to his in June.) We met a few people for drinks before hand. I hadn't seen many of these people in at least 15 yrs (except for Joy who is in most of these pics). It was soooo much fun seeing everyone even though not many actually showed. I had a headache by the end of the night from laughing so hard remembering all the fun with everyone!

Joy and I had some pics taken when we were 16/17 that was just our faces...I need to find it and upload it next to this one to show how we look just the same....minus about 3 inches of hair sticking out from our heads!

Joy, Maryah and me

On the way there Dave asked me if he'd hear any good stories from the people in my class. I said no these people didn't really know any dirt one me.

On the other hand...these people know almost ALL the dirt on me! Most of the trouble that Joy and I got into in HS and college was with one or all of these guys! David, Brian (Jed) and Jason!

Not sure what Joy is saying to Jimmy, but I'm sure he deserved it. He was my neighbor through HS...I know he deserved it!

We sat with Heather and Mark at dinner. It was a lot of fun. Our favorite moment of the night happened here. Joy came over to talk to us and some dude no one remembered sidled up to her and asked her out in front of everyone! It was hilarious! I think for me it was esp funny because 15 yrs ago, at the last reunion, that was me! I was the single one and she was married!

Joy and Greg. We talked to Greg and his wife for a while. They were lots of fun!

Jimmy and Jennifer...Jennifer was one of the organizers of the event! Thanks Jen! Hope you do it again for 25 yrs and that more people show up!

I really had a hard time remembering people's names. I told Joy not to wander too far from me so that she could feed me names....which she had to do repeatedly! We made a good team, as usual!