Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could It Be? #3

Yep, that's it! (In more ways than one!)

I've had some troubles with this one and it turns out it's just a bit smaller than we originally thought. #3 is due May 25, 2011!

I've had cramps, bleeding and low progesterone levels. We were pretty sure that this one wasn't going to make it, but it just kept sticking with it and seems to want to be here. I've been on progesterone pills for a few weeks and those seem to be working. I haven't had any real morning sickness yet, but maybe that's because I'm not as far along as I thought. The baby is only measuring 6 weeks and I thought I was 7 weeks. So let's keep our fingers crossed that it just keeps fighting and that all this drama just means it's a girl!

Monday, September 27, 2010

1 Year Old Stats

We went to the doctor this morning...Evan is 22 lbs 6 oz (45th %) and 29.5 in (45th %)! He's grown over 2 inches since his 9 month appt and only gained 4 oz...all that running after a big brother works the weight off! He got 3 shots and blood drawn and did very well. And we're pretty sure he's about to get a 5th tooth. His brother on the other hand is still crying 4 hours later about the sneak attack flu shot he got. He was screaming in the waiting room and just kept going on and on. He ate lunch with his leg propped on a chair and a towel over it. I'm sure I'll still be hearing about this for months to come!

Evan's Party!

We had lots of friends come over to help us celebrate! Aunt Nora made this awesome cake for our zoo animal themed party.

Evan was pretty neat as cake eating goes.

He definitely liked it too much to let any of it get away!

The best picture of the 4 of us that we'll probably ever get!

Connor begged for hours to start unwrapping the presents. He was more than glad to help. I'm not sure he's actually let Evan play with any of his toys yet, but hopefully soon!

Lucy wanted to help too.

Now they each have their own lawn mower...notice Connor has Evan's new one though!

Thanks for all the fun and great birthday wishes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan!!!

Evan has entered the "Read to Me" phase. He wants to sit on your lap...or where ever he lands...while you read him a book. Very cute!

Evan got his big boy car seat today! Facing forward is lots of fun!

Evan wanted to sit in the moo-moo seat but it was occupied...didn't stop him.

Evan can say "Hello" and "All Done." He loves to point at things and if he really really wants something he'll use the double point to make sure you understand how much he wants it...usually a juice box!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evan's 1 Year Pics

We had some troubles getting these done. Evan was NOT cooperative through this process. He only wanted Mommy to hold him so the fact that we got any pics is a miracle. It also took 2 days 3 hrs and 3 adults to get 5 semi ok ones! And in between the first and second attempt...he got a black eye! These pics just weren't meant to be!

I have a great pic of Connor in this outfit too! Chubbie babies in wookie costumes are hysterical!

He's kind of smiling here.

He's sitting on my lap here so of course he's smiling.

Another issue is that my computer has decided to die during this whole process. The monitor and the wireless modem are gone. So right now I am sitting on the floor upstairs in our bedroom typing on my laptop but looking at a large monitor on the floor while I'm plugged into the modem. I don't see this lasting long! But at least we were able to get all my stuff off before it completely goes ka-put! I should be grateful for the slow death!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last weekend Dave kicked us out of the house on Saturday so he could paint. We went down to New Braunfels to their awesome children's museum. Connor loved playing with the cash register and the empty cartons of food. They also had to play in the ambulance for quite some time, but they added the space shuttle to their list of play places this time.

Evan liked climbing in the display counters. He also liked pushing the carts around and filling them up with cans. It was a long day, but they had tons of fun!

Today we went back to Creepy Acres (Kiddie Acres). Connor insisted on riding the horse this time. I didn't think he'd do it but he was determined and he did a great job!

We've been super busy this week. Connor went to school for the 2nd time yesterday. When I went to pick him up he had a screw driver (toy) in hand and was slamming it into the wall while another little boy was hammering things and the teacher was exhausted sitting on the table. They have 7 boys and 1 girl and the poor teacher is getting run ragged! (I laugh as I type because I've been there.) I sent her an email last night asking what she likes from Sonic so I could bring her one after school tomorrow. I know the way to a teacher's heart and caffeine is it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010 5 years Later

Five years ago yesterday (Sept. 11th) I got this email...if I'd only known what was going to come from that...maybe I would have thought twice about responding:

Thanks for the wink & checking out my profile.

So did you grow up in Indiana or just go there for college? I grew up in Buffalo myself. I miss the cold & snow. Well there was too much of that up there, but too little down here.

Whats Ace Pear Cider? I'm not a big cider drinker, but I suppose that have that at the ginger man along with their 10 million other drinks. Did you do the local marathon or travel for it? I'm not a runner myself, just been getting in the habit of exercising the last year. Ever since I switched to a sedentary job its become a necessity.

Anyway, if you'd like to chat, drop me a mail some time



Thursday, September 9, 2010


Connor had his first day of preschool today. This was the only way that I could get him to sit still long enough to actually get a picture of him.

He was excited to "drive the bus" that they had so he was ready to go to school. But then we got to his room and the door closed behind him and he wanted out. All the other kids were sitting at the table coloring but he was NOT going to do that. His teacher, Ms. Char, asked him if he wanted to play with the cars and he said "okay." Then she looked at me and mouthed bye so we left.

When we went back to get him, he said "I want to do it again." So I'd say it was a success. She said he did well with using the paint dabber to put dots inside circles, but she had to kind of coax him into doing surprise there. She said she thought he was shy but that he impressed her! We'll see if she thinks that in a month!

Evan and I went to breakfast with a friend. Then we went to the store and came home and cleaned out the refrigerator! We all stayed busy and the time passed quickly! I think school is going to be a good thing!


This past weekend the boys and I went to CO to visit Aunt Lydia and Uncle Matt. They did very well on the plane and didn't destroy the house so I'm saying it was a successful trip!

There was a little playground in the neighborhood that we went to each night. Connor LOVED the jeep and talked about it when ever we weren't there.

Here he is driving Aunt Lydia and Uncle Matt to Home Depot.

We went to the Aquarium and the Natural History Museum. They had lots of fun in the kid area areas but Connor kept telling us to move faster through the rest of the place.

Connor was able to look at a giant dinosaur fossil hanging from the ceiling and tell us that it was a Plesiosaurus...this kid has a serious memory!

The view of downtown Denver and the mountains from the museum. We had a great trip!

Evan figured out how to ride the truck! He is walking much better now and is into everything his brother is doing!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Week's Drama

Dave got the living room (toy room) and dining room painted last weekend.

We really like the color and how different it is from the original color. We can't wait to see what he gets done this weekend while the boys and I are off in CO visiting Aunt Lydia and Uncle Matt.

Evan eats pretty much all table food these days. We gotta work on the mess. The dogs are really happy about this you can see where Sophie is sitting...she's gained at least 5lbs in the last few months and that's a lot for a beagle! Evan sleeps through the night and is walking farther and faster each day! As I type, he just stole a toy out of Connor's hand and tried to run away with it...he's not quite fast enough yet, but he will be soon!

Connor decided to try to put his sunglasses on Bodie.

Boys playing!

On Wednesday we found out that our tenants in our Round Rock house bailed without notice. They left the keys and a note saying that due to financial hardship they had to break the lease....thanks for transferring your financial hardship to us! Anyway, we went over there last night to check it out and there's definitely quite a bit of work that needs to be done before we will be able to re-rent it. The leasing agency has already gotten us an estimate and there are things we can do ourselves to save some money too. We're hoping to get it in shape and leased out as soon as possible. Keep your fingers crossed!