Monday, April 18, 2011

Potty Trained

On Friday afternoon I told Connor we were done with diapers. We had had a potty chart going for a couple weeks that only had 8 out of 49 stickers on it. The deal was that if he got the first 14 stickers he could get a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie. That evening he earned the movie.

The next morning we got up and went without pants for a while to try and get the idea of not peeing when you feel like it. He was doing pretty well and then he said "There's poop on the floor." We didn't see anything so weren't sure what he was talking about. A few hours later I discovered kid poop on the floor in the dining room. So...we put underwear back on him and kept trying. He had to get 14 more stickers to earn a Leapfrog Scout dog that he'd been talking about for a week or so....and that night he earned that dog (and the next day we had to go get one for his brother!)

Sunday morning we told him that if he didn't put his pee-pee's in the potty that Scout would have to go sit on the mantle...he only had one accident! He had 21 more stickers to go to earn a bike...and he knew it! Every time he'd sit on the potty he'd say "Can we get my bike now?"

Monday morning we found that after 5 days Evan still had a fever so we needed to take him to the dr and venture Connor's first outing in underwear. As we pulled into the parking lot he said "I have to go potty." So I pulled in near a tree and put him on his little froggie potty in the grass. Then 10 min later in the waiting room I hear "I have to go potty" and I think "Here's the real test." So we went into the family restroom and I sat him on the big potty...and he went. Then we got called into the room to wait for the dr and 10 min later..."I have to go potty!" And he went again! Then 10 min later "I have to go potty!" and he pooped this time and I was seriously becoming impressed with this kid and his potty-ing abilities.

We talked with the dr and found that Evan has an ear infection and a rash and as she was finishing up we hear "I have to go potty!" We didn't make it in time this time, but being the prepared mommy that I am, I pulled out extra undies and shorts and we headed home to add 7 more stickers to the chart (he got 2 for pooping) and as predicted by 8pm he had completed the entire thing while Mommy was at Target buying the new CARS bike that he picked out 3 weeks ago!

He had no idea what was in the box, but when we took it out he started to get it. When Dave told him they needed some tools Connor told him "You stay here and I'll go get the tools" which was pretty cute since he had no idea what tools they needed.

He's very excited, but has no idea how to pedal or steer, but he's already decided which toys he wants to put in the front pocket!

We're so proud of him! He's growing up so quickly!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lisa's Wedding

Last weekend we went to Grapevine, TX, for my cousin Lisa's wedding. This was the first time we got to meet cousin Walt (my cousin Mike's son) who is only 3 months older than Evan. Connor was always asking where Cousin Walt was and Cousin Walt called them "the babies".

Most of our pictures didn't turn out so well. Here's one of Uncle Roger walking Lisa down the aisle.

Lisa and was a quick the time we finished telling Connor to be quiet it was over, but it all turned out very nicely!

Evan being silly while coloring on the floor (and doors and tile and other toys, etc...).

Not sure what Connor is trying to do but as you can see Froggie has made a resurgence this week. Connor carried him around for about 3 days and even took him to school one day.