Friday, April 23, 2010


Connor is still VERY interested in letters. He loves anything with letters on it. He is working on the lower case letters and talking about what letters words start with. It's so fun to see him so interested in learning. Because of this interest we've decided to go ahead and start him in pre-school this Fall instead of waiting another year. He'll be going to a local pre-school from 9am to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We got to meet his teacher today. He loved all the toys they had and jumped right into exploring the place. We went to visit another pre-school yesterday that had goats. He was pretty excited about that but they only do 5 days a week. It did take me a few discussions though to convince him that goats aren't usually at school.

He is getting so big and changing every day. He can climb into his car seat on his own (thank goodness) and has a definite opinion about just about everything. He loves to play playdough these days and doesn't even try to eat it...or at least not that I've seen. He saves the eating for sand, dirt and sticks in the back yard. He is also loving his lawnmower these days. Dave is just counting down the days until he can REALLY mow the lawn for him!

Evan has mastered the walker. He can chase down the dogs and get any where he wants to go. He is VERY interested in toys. He wants to touch every thing...especially when you're trying to change his diaper....which is almost impossible these days. He is moving at all times...even in his sleep. He is soooo close to crawling. It will definitely be in the next month and no, still no teeth even though he'll be 7 months tomorrow.

He still loves to stick out his tongue. He says "Ya-ya-ya" and sticks out his tongue. His hair is getting redder each day, but he still has that dark patch in the front that he never lost. I think he's going to need his second haircut soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Marley turned 15 on Monday. On Wednesday I got a call from the neighbor saying he had her. Apparently she walked out of the fence...which we knew she could do but didn't think she knew it. When I got to the neighbor's house, only 2 doors down, he said "I didn't think I should try and take this from her." I looked down and saw that she had a frog in her mouth. So I clipped the leash on her and walked her home. She pranced all the way with her head held proudly high. Then I wrestled the frog away from her when we got home. It was pretty dehydrated so it wasn't too bad, but still... A few years ago we had an incident with a toad where she apparently got too close and it made her foam at the mouth. Thank goodness dead frogs don't do that too! She's still causing problems at 15! I can't wait to see what the rest of 15 does to her.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Go Fly a Kite

Connor finally got a chance to fly the kite he got in his Easter basket.

Unfortunately it was kind of a cheap kite and surprisingly not such a windy day so it didn't fly too well.

They tried for about 15 min before Connor got bored and went back to playing with his letters (his favorite toys these days).

On the other hand, Evan had a grand 15 min. sitting in the grass and pulling it out.

Wow that feels cool!

Hi Mommy!

The last week was kind of rough. It turns out the mysterious fever was coupled with some mouth sores which made it a form of Hand-Foot and Mouth disease....which is very contagious. They seemed to have a mild strain...and Evan's was milder than Connor's...and are feeling better. Unfortunately we've been kind of ostracized by our MOMS group. Once they found out what the boys had we got uninvited to some things. Hopefully we can start going back this week before Mommy goes off the deep end being locked inside with these boys!

Evan is working very hard at leaning over from a sitting position to get on his hands and knees. He can almost get there..just has one foot stuck under him. It won't be long. Connor crawled at 7.5 months which is only a month away for Evan. We need to get to baby proofing!

I also joined a gym. Actually a bootcamp. I went for the first time yesterday and am pretty sore today, but that's a good sign. The classes are at 6am so hopefully I can keep it up for a few months until my 20th HS Reunion on Aug. 7. Then I can back off after that!

Connor got his 14th tooth this week! We can see two more but they just won't come through. Also last night Connor was chasing Sophie around screaming "I ride it!" Can't wait to see what happens when he actually catches her!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bad Bunny!

Connor thought dying the Easter eggs was lots of fun. He kind of treated it like a game of baseball. You win by throwing the eggs in the water as hard as possible! Needless to say...there were a few busted eggs, some spilled water and green hands.

Eating one of the busted eggs...guess it's a good thing he likes hard boiled eggs (really only likes the yellow though).

On Easter morning Connor woke up very thirsty and very warm. We thought we'd try to find eggs and baskets before checking his temp but he wanted nothing to do with all that. Sophie and Evan were pretty interested though.

I had to point out his baskets and we could only get him to "find" 6 of the 12 eggs before finding out that his temp was 102.7! Bad Bunny brought sickness instead of chocolate! We ended up canceling our dinner plans and taking him to the after hours clinic when his fever hit 103.7! They checked his blood (we've been through that one before) but found nothing wrong with him. The dr guessed that it was just a virus that would have to run it's course. On Mon afternoon he woke up from his 3 hr nap all sweaty so I figured the fever had broken. Within a few hours though Evan had a fever. His got up to 102 today but I'm trying to keep him on Tylenol for a few days to help keep the temps down. Connor's doing better and I'm hoping Evan's goes away as quickly...and that we don't get it!

Evan has almost got the walker figured out. He can stand up straight like this (look at those thighs) and then push forward to get it to move forward. We're waiting for him to get good and chase the dogs like Connor used to do. That will provide hours of entertainment!

We've had to cancel our Memorial Day trip to CA to spend time with the Davidson's. My Aunt Nancy had a stroke almost two weeks ago. She is already out of the hospital and in a rehab clinic. She can walk and talk and just has to relearn a few things. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for her and that we can rebook our plans to get together soon! Get well soon, Nancy!