Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Weekend

Connor figured out how to dump his toys and bang on the toy basket. It's lots of fun!

Auntie Breezy and Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band spent about 12 hours with us this weekend. It was great to catch up! Send us a cd so we can hear the new music.

Froggie drank all our wine so we had to go back to the Driftwood Winery to see Aunt Courtney. The Ziaja's were supposed to go with us, but poor Corbin is sick. We hope he feels better. This was our view from the lawn. We sat here with a glass of wine and chatted with some other visitors. A very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Froggie refused to come out of this hiding place because he overheard us saying that Grandma K. is going to hold his arm, look him in the eye and have a "chat" with him next week when we go to see her.

Connor was excited to sit out on the lawn and look at the view. He worked VERY hard to have his first taste of dirt, but Mommy ruined all the fun.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Connor had to go in for shots today. If you remember, we go more often on an alternate vaccine schedule. When we got called back I asked the nurse to weigh him. She said, "Why are they worried about his weight?" I said, "No. I am. He's off the charts." And true to form, he is a 22 lb. 5 oz 7.5 month old. That's a pound and a half in the last month. Then she said, "He doesn't have to come back for shots until he's 1 yr." I said, "Yes he does. He gets shots at 9 months." She argued and I said, "We're doing the shots a little slower." She said, "Well, at least you're doing them." And then she stabbed my baby in each leg and made him turn red and scream...which he rarely does with shots.

The more I thought about the comment, "Well, at least you're getting them." the more I thought, "How rude!" He's my kid and we get to make the decisions about what's best for him. Just because the government says all kids should get the same treatment no matter what, that doesn't make it right. We don't educate or discipline our children in a one size fits all manner. Why should we medicate them that way? I really think that immunizations are good for the greater community and should be given, but I disagree with the way that they are forced on parents and children. I also believe that they do cause some harm and should be administered in a responsible way and not in a how-many-can-we-pack-into-a-small-child-at-one-time way. Ok...I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What We've Been Up To

Connor really likes his toys these days.

Sophie's best friend, Molly, came to stay with us this weekend. Connor really likes to watch the beagles play.

Connor has figured out how to get food in his mouth using his hands, but out of 15 pieces I would guess that only 2 actually get in his mouth (then they get caught and he pukes, it's lots of fun!). Sophie has discovered what happens to the rest of them and she waits for that to happen as soon as Connor gets into his high chair.

Again playing with the toys. All of his toys fit in that basket...Grandma-he may need some more!

He now sits for 20 min. just digging through and chewing on the different toys. I gave him a tooth brush that he thinks is pretty cool. Hopefully that's a good sign for when those teeth finally come in!

Molly wanted to help me fold the laundry. Thanks a lot Molly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I LOVE This new Camera!

Connor's not so sure of the new camera.

Grandpa Joe helped give Connor a bath.

We played Wii.

It took me FOREVER to upload this video. It was originally 2 minutes, but after hours and hours still wouldn't load. Anyway, this is just a small sample of the fun we have at doggie dinner time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Camera at the Park

I bought a new camera today, yeah! No more dead batteries! So since Grandpa Joe is in town we took Connor and the camera to the park. I haven't quite mastered the camera yet, but here's my first attempts.

We went to the Brushy Creek Park. It will be soooo much fun when Connor's just a little older.

Our first time to play on a playground. Look at the hair!

Our camera takes video, but we need a bigger memory card so we only got a little bit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

7 Month's Old!!!!

Today my baby is 7 months old! I cannot believe it! He has changed so much...that happens when you triple your birth weight I guess.

Look at those thighs. I wish I'd known then that soon they'd be over 10 inches around.

It looks like he's laughing but it was really one of his first smiles at about 7 weeks.

He quickly starting packing on the pounds and was almost 18 pounds at 4 months old.

Too big to take a bath in the sink now.

Starting to learn to feed himself.

Now he's working very hard at pulling up on EVERYTHING.

He loves his daddy and cries if Dave walks by without picking him up.

What a big boy! We LOVE our baby monkey and can't wait to see all the wonderful surprises that are in store for us....just don't grow up too fast, Monkey!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yeah, My Kid's the Bully. So?

We went to lunch with the Baker's and the Ziaja's on Saturday and then took the boys to the duck pond. We put them on the blanket and let them loose. Connor obviously had some aggressions that he needed to take out.

First he tries to de-pants Corbin.

Then he bites Corbin on the ass.

Then he smacks Corbin on the ass.

Here he is giving his Dr. Evil grin.

Now he's giving Sawyer his dues.

Sawyer tried to escape the bully.

But Connor pulled him back.

Then we went to Addie's house for her mommy's 30th birthday party.

It looks like someone may have warned Addie about Connor tendencies.

Addie's mommy, Laura, hit the bottle a little too hard last night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hearing Bells

This morning Connor found the dog bells. He is getting really good at this whole walker thing. He LOVES to chase the dogs. He traps them up against the cabinets. He separates them from their bowls during dinner time and he laughs manically when he chases one down. It's Hysterical. I wish I could figure out how to upload some video. He tries to grab whatever he can...and this morning it was the bells. What you can't see is Sophie standing back looking at him like, "Why isn't Mommy opening the door for you? Obviously you want to go out!"

And on a major note...Connor has slept at least 3 hours in his bed the last 2 nights. I just tried to put him in during a nap, but he woke right up. I guess I shouldn't push my luck.

We have lots of plans tomorrow, hurricane willing, so we should have more posts this weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Play Group

On Monday we went to Meredith and Mia's house for play group. We had a great time. Unfortunately, Mia napped the entire time we were there. Hopefully next time she won't be so tired.

Connor found a "just right" sized piano. He has some serious musical talent!

One of our favorite little girls, Nina (in the middle), is moving to California soon. We will be sad to see them go.

Another of our favorite girls, Lexie, decided that she wanted to help Connor make some music. They're working on a new IS Austin you know!

Lexie gave up on the guitar and decided to dance on the piano instead.

Samuel thought he'd give it a try too. The piano was a BIG hit with the baby crowd!

We had fun seeing our friends. We usually see them every other week. Can't wait to hear what we'll do next time!


I found this little playscape on the street in our neighborhood. Dave went and knocked on the people's door and sure enough...they were done with it. So now we have a fun place to play in the backyard. Yippee!

Also, as you can see the garden has been cleared of all the dead vegetable plants. It's almost time to start our winter garden of broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage. Hopefully, we'll have more luck this time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The Ziaja's invited us to go swimming with them at Jason's dad's house today.

While we were there Dave and I had a minor disagreement about how much of Connor's face could go in the water. Dave said "All" and I said "NONE!!!" Needless to say this "discussion" ended with me saying "Give me my Baby!"

MacKenzie and Corbin just chillin'.

We can't take Froggie any where. We found him after he had drained the keg. I guess we'll never be invited back. I knew we should have left him home with the dogs.

Froggie must have snuck Corbin a little of what he found because Corbin passed out too.

Connor got to ride over there in his big boy car seat. He's still not too sure of it, but it looks awfully comfy!

We had a great time as always with the Ziaja's! We're so glad they live so close!

Danger Will Robinson

Connor has decided that his swing isn't a place of rest and relaxation any more. He likes to pull up on the ropes and sit as far forward as he can.

I guess he's also decided that he can reach of his favorite things to do...from his swing. Not sure how long the swing will be around.

Also, yesterday I fell while carrying him. I have to step into the grass to get into the car. I twisted my ankle and went down. Neither of us has a scratch on us, but my ankle hurts a little. He didn't even cry. He whined a little, but I put him upright again and he was fine. I think I mostly broke his fall. I was shaking for a good 10 minutes though. Note to self: Go back to only wearing tennis shoes and not flip flops!