Saturday, July 28, 2012

Visit to Indiana

 The boys and I spent 10 days in Indiana (we drove there and back). It was a long trip (4 full days in the car), but we got to see lots of friends and family. Here the boys are with Great-Grandpa Paul and Grandma Betty.

We did get to go to a couple of zoos on our trip...both the Dallas and Indianapolis Zoos. I found some little monkeys here!

We had quite the drive! The first night in the hotel, the boys were jumping on the bed, bonked heads and Connor bled all over the bed and himself. The next day, when we stopped for lunch, they got into an actual fist fight at a restaurant while I was ordering lunch. (Everyone was laughing and I said, loudly, "This is what happens when they're locked in the car all day...hahaha.) They played pretty well while we were staying at Grandma Betty's and Grandpa Joe's. They thought the basement was really neat and wanted to go down there to play often (we don't have basements in TX).  They had a lot of fun playing in the backyard with Grandpa Joe blowing bubbles and collecting sticks.

The drive home was wicked hard. They were excited to go home and asked every mile if we were almost home. Then at dinner on the first day we stopped at the only place to stop...a truck stop. We all three had to fit into a regular sized restroom stall and then as we were trying to figure out how to get wallet fell in the toilet..that I hadn't flushed yet! Yep! Evan thought the big splash was hysterical, but I was pretty upset! I tried to get the cash out and clean off the the things that would ruin. I discovered later that I some how lost a $100 bill in this whole debacle too! It was an expensive mistake. Then our dinner took 20 minutes to come out and Connor spilled his drink all over the place. I finally got them in the car and Connor had to pee at EVERY exit for the next 30 miles! So we just ended up stopping since we weren't getting any where fast. We found a hotel and I Purelled everything in my wallet. We were safe and that was what I had to keep reminding myself!

We got up the next morning and started out. They continued to ask the same question repeatedly, which made me want to lose my mind! Connor ended up getting a bloody nose while I was doing 75mph down the road. We finally made it home and Dave got home while I was unloading the car. He opened the garage door, while the door to the house was open, and ...yep, all three dogs ran away! We caught the little 2 just a couple houses down, but I had to chase the big dumb one onto the golf course for about 15 min before he got too tired to run any more.

It was a rough trip, but it could have been worse...this morning Evan puked all over the kitchen! At least that wasn't in my car! (Bright side???)

I think we'll stay home for a while.