Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We did a bit of moving things around in the house last weekend. Connor got the full sized bed from the guest bedroom and Evan got Connor's bunk beds. They are both very happy with the arrangement. Hopefully we can find a king sized bed that matches our set before we have any guest come to stay and then move our queen to the guest room.

Connor and Evan love the "big" bed in Connor's room. Evan is constantly in there standing on the bed saying "Let's bounce!" They also LOVE to lock Sophie in the room and chase her. You can tell this is happening by the giggles that come through the monitor. Then when you go up there and open the door, Sophie comes shooting out...serves her right for scavenging their rooms looking for food!

Evan calls his bed the "little" bed. He doesn't want to go back in the crib...which we left up just in I guess we'll take it down. Until yesterday he didn't even get out of the bed until I got him out....or Connor came running in for him. He's getting his upper eye teeth and he's been a bit fussy with nap time and even waking in the middle of the night. Hopefully these come in quickly and we can all get back to our sleeping routine...since one of us usually has to lay on Evan's floor for him to go to sleep!

We seem to be the black hole for pets this week. First Marley, then we lost our pregnant platy (fish). Then yesterday I heard a loud sound that sounded like a bird hitting the window and when I looked I saw a dead bird in the yard. I put a plastic container over it, but that did not deter the big black lab! He did leave it when I told him to but only after he dragged it across the yard. So I had to pick it up myself! Then today we lost a neon (another fish) and the other platy has been laying on it's side for a few days! We've got some bad animal karma going on here!

It did actually rain twice this week. The first time Bodie ran around outside in the rain at 10pm like a crazy dog! The second time we all stood there and watched. It was only for about 5 min each time, but it was enough to make the crepe myrtles bloom!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Delaney Grace

Delaney "Laney" was not happy that we had such a long appointment today looking at all her parts to make sure they were in the right she showed us what she thought about that!

She showed 2 weeks worth of growth in 2 weeks! YAY! She's still a little behind but over all she measured 16 weeks 5 days and I'm 17 weeks 2 days so that's well within the range..and the exact same number of days off that she was 2 weeks ago which tells us she's growing at the same rate. Her legs are still short (measuring 16 weeks) so we know she's not going to be on the basketball or volleyball teams, but who cares! Her head actually measured 2 days she's getting the big head her brothers have already!

We are so relieved and can actually start to make plans. The dr also said that she saw no reason right now that we could not go on the family trip to the Adirondacks in October....but no traveling in the 3rd trimester. My blood pressure is back in the normal range! We are so thankful and can't wait to complete our family!

Marley's Gone

Poor Marley finally reached the point yesterday where we couldn't let her continue in pain. She had been having ups and downs for quite a while. She had a spot on her mouth that looked like food had gotten stuck in her fur. I'd been watching it for a while to see if it was food or her lip was having trouble. It finally reached the point where the smell got so bad that I took her to the groomer on Wed. She gave the groomer some trouble, but she was able to get most of it off.

When I picked her up, the groomer showed me the place. We noticed a tooth sticking straight out to the side, what looked like an infection and the smell was still there. I called the vet and got her in the next morning. The vet called to say she had an abscessed tooth and the infection had eaten through her bone and skin and was oozing out her face. He said we'd reached the point where we either treat it VERY aggressively or put her to sleep. We decided that there were no guarantees that she would survive the treatment, or be out of pain, so we decided to put her sleep.

It was really very hard to finally come to the decision that we've known has been coming for years. She was a good dog, but really had no quality of life in recent months. I think she really only continued to eat to make sure that Sophie didn't get her food. Sophie has been very upset and watching the door and moping around...although her sadness didn't stop her from stealing Connor's breakfast this morning!

We will miss you Marley! You were a good dog and a great friend over the years! Take care of Sam for us!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny Boys!

The boys each grabbed an iPhone and headed to their chairs to play games. Unfortunately for Evan, he got my old one which is pretty much a goner (no sound). I wish I knew where that iTouch disappeared to!

I don't remember what he was upset about because I was so amused by the upside down Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Over the last month I've noticed that Evan is having some trouble with one of his eyes. The left eye doesn't seem to always track with the other one...which can be a really big deal. The brain will shut off the wayward eye because it cannot deal with competing information. So we went to the pediatrician to find out where we should go to have this looked at. The first pediatric ophthalmologist (at Dell Children's Center) I called couldn't get him in until January! So I tried another one and we can get in at the end of September, which is better but still sucks. I want to have this looked at and taken care of as soon as possible so it doesn't cause any long term damage. But I guess I have to be patient!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Great News!

We had another scan today and it showed that our baby girl grew a week and half in just one week! Her head is right on target, but her abdomen is a little small and her femur is a little smaller (short from my side). But over all she is measuring 14 weeks 5 days and I'm 15 weeks 2 days so that's within the window of accuracy for ultrasounds and is a BIG relief! I decided not to go back next week because I just can't handle the emotional strain of it anymore. My blood pressure is creeping up (125/85) so I need some time to recover from the last 3 extremely stressful weeks. So it looks like the acupuncture and high protein diet are working. I may try to add some walks back in to help with the blood pressure (and weight gain +2 this week)!

Just keep saying Grow Baby Grow!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cute Kids

I took this picture because I thought the toys Evan had chosen were a funny assortment...stethoscope, watering can and cat piano on 3 couch cushions.

Being can see Evan is still saying "cheese." Connor has been playing with desert animals this week and watching Magic School Bus "All Dried Up" over and over. He has a tortoise in one hand and a baby coyote in the other. He also renamed the goose a road runner(which is actually a swan so already renamed). Maybe it's the record heat that has him so interested in the desert these days!

These two can destroy a house quicker than a Tasmanian devil!

Evan has been asking "going?" as we drive places...he continues to ask repeatedly even though you tell him where we're's getting a bit tiresome! He is also classifying things as "fun." Dave asked him a question yesterday and got a "fun Mommy" and I asked him a question today and got a "fun Daddy." They also got their haircut today (not pictured). Evan kept saying "fun haircut" but I think Connor would disagree!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good News!!!

The dr's office called last night...7:45pm..they knew I was anxious. They said that the testing showed everything was normal...and it's a GIRL!!! We are not out of the woods yet, but this is definitely good news. Those initial testing numbers that caused all this stress are still there...I will ask about retesting though. They may mean that there is some kind of placental insufficiency or there will be a bigger problem in the 3rd trimester (pre-eclampsia, etc) so monitoring is still crucial. We have another ultrasound this Friday.

I am still taking all my meds and vitamins plus I've started a high protein diet to try and make sure I am getting enough to make up for any insufficiencies. Today will be my 3rd visit to the acupuncturist. We are also spending a lot of time inside and not doing much to make sure all calories go to the baby. Friday has GOT to bring good news.

Evan's phrase this week is "Who dat?" is he thinks someone is at the door. Pretty funny!