Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Tooth....Finally!

Evan cut his first tooth a mere 10 months one week! It was the top right front tooth and it looks like there are a few more not far behind. The toothless grin will be gone for good soon and the baby is quickly being replaced by a very opinionated, fight to the death for a toy toddler!

If you look closely at the picture on your left, his right, you can see a little tooth sticking out! He has a new proud smile to show it's hysterical!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evan is 10 Months Old!

He's 10 months old and we're still waiting on that first tooth to break through! I thought it would be here by now, but no. He's sleeping in his bed all night..he goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up between 12-1:30am for a 10 min snack and then again between 4:30-5:30am for another 10 min snack...I know he's big enough to make it through the night without a snack or two, but we've just been working on staying in his bed all night...we'll get to cutting out the snacks soon. Then he's up for good around 7:15am. He's a little over 22 lbs still. He can crawl amazingly fast and can walk holding two fingers or pushing a chair but isn't too brave about letting go quite yet. He thinks it's hilarious to throw things and watch Mommy pick them up. And he loves his big brother even though his brother would rather he play else where.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Connor actually managed to get a little bit of pee in the potty today for the first time ever! He also got the patio 3 times and the mulch by his playscape once. We're hoping that this is the beginning of the end of diapers for him. Yeah!

Day 2 - He peed in the potty 4 times! He even said he had to go twice and then actually went! He also managed to get poop on the floor of his bedroom while he was supposed to be napping. Oh well! He's doing much better than I expected. For some reason he does better in the afternoon, so we spend some time outside so accidents aren't such a big deal. I also bribe him with M&M's..whatever works!

Day 3 - We got some poopies in the potty today! Making progress!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dave left his beer on the table and Evan found it the next morning!

More, please!

Belly up to the bar!
EWWW-WEEE! That's good!

We went to Ruta Maya and I took this pic of Connor with an app on my phone. Love the light!

We've had a busy week and poor Connor has had not so much fun. He spent a couple days in trouble. He ran into the street and then ran from me. So we had to leave our play date immediately and he lost his Pablo (fav show) privileges for the day. The next day he didn't come with me when it was time to leave another play date so Pablo was gone again. Then when we got home he went on a rampage and dumped out all his toys. I told him he had to pick them up or they were going in the trash. He didn't like that idea, but he also didn't pick them up. So out came the trash bag and a few toys went in. He got really upset and started looking like he was going to pick them up. After about an hour and many attempts to convince him to pick up the toys and him ignoring me...the toys went into the trash bag and into the garage. He was not happy! The next day was trash day and he got up and asked about his toys right away. So we put them away before the trash man came! Whew!

Bodie is still having some trouble adjusting. He's pooped on the floor twice this week, hung himself while trying to jump the fence, run away and just been a general nuisance. I'm not sure if he realizes that Marley is alive and not a stuffed animal that moves. He's tried to get her a couple of times. Today he tried and she snapped at him and he jumped away. But then he tried again and she chased him into the other room...pretty funny when the 15lb 15 yr old dog can scare the 70lb lab!

I've lost about 6 lbs since the beginning of June (meaning all the baby weight is gone!) and our Pflugervile Pfit Pfolks weight loss competition. I started running again a couple of weeks ago and am surprised by how well I'm doing....up to 20 straight min on the treadmill and moving up to 25 min tomorrow. I was able to take out 5 more pairs of jeans last night from my pre-pregnancy clothes. It's awesome! It's very weird though because my body is not the same shape any more, so all my clothes fit differently because they aren't tight where they used to be and are tight where they never were before. Hoping that if I keep running it will even back out.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Aunt Mary Ann came for a meeting for work so we got to spend Monday with her. We went to a favorite Mexican restaurant where Connor's lunch came with french fries. When no one was looking, Evan stole one and had it in his mouth. Poor Connor was 15 months old before I let him have a french fry and Evan, being the sneaky little brother, got his first fry at 9 months!

After that we attempted to go to the discount movies to see How To Train Your Dragon, but it was sold out. So we tried Toy Story 3 and it was sold out. We gave up and went home and forced Aunt Mary Ann to sign up for! We figured it worked for us, she should try it too!

Then on Tues. the boys and I decided to try to see How To Train Your Dragon again. A mom from our group and her boys met us there...thank goodness! As soon as we got in I discovered Connor had left me a present in his diaper. Then about half way through the movie, which was very cute, Evan started to throw a fit and threw his head backwards and got it caught between the seats. He started screaming and I had to pull it out quickly. I jumped up to go and walk him to get him to settle down. Connor thought that meant it was time to get up. He decided to take his own private tour of the movie theater. He ran up to the front and back again. I had to drag him out twice and threaten to leave. The lady sitting behind us felt so bad for me that she gave me her candy to try and lure him back to our seats...didn't work. I ate the candy. Finally he asked for popcorn and I knew that our friends still had some. That got him to sit in his seat again until almost the end. It was a lot of work! Not sure I'll be trying that one again on my own! But Marmaduke is coming out soon so who knows.

Have I mentioned that Connor hates to sit in the car seat? At least once each trip he screams out "I suck!" which to him means "I'm stuck!" but is really funny to us. And his favorite new toy is his "gay" [gray] dolphin. He lost it the other day and I told everyone to send up a rainbow if they found it. Dave said he must be at "Oilspill" Harry's (local gay bar called Oilcan Harry's but with the recent oilspill we thought this play on words was funny.)

Evan is 9.5 months and still has no teeth but eats a surprising amount of table food. He is cruising furniture and has discovered cabinets. He hasn't been sleeping very well lately (and so neither have I). He's pretty much nursing from 3:30-6:30am. I tried to let him cry it out with me sitting there to calm him around 11pm last night, but he just got really pissed and screamed at me for about 30 min. He is a Momma's boy and wants his Mommy all-the-time!

I have officially lost all the baby weight! It's not in the same places any more so I look different and my clothes still don't all fit, but I'm on the right track. I need to get back into running a little and upping my exercise and hopefully that will help.

We got a new dishwasher yesterday. The installer refused to install it though because of some stuff about the water line going through the wall. So Dave had to do it when he got home...which really pissed him off. Our house was not a happy place last night, but did I mention it's a NEW dishwasher?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Evan is 9 Months Old!

Evan was 9 months old last week! He's getting to be such a big boy. We went to the dr on Monday. He was 22 lbs 2 oz (75%) and 27 1/4" (20%). He has only grown 1/4" in the last 3 months...according to the nurse who measures him...and he's 2 1/4" shorter than Connor was at 9 months! It also explains why I'm struggling to get the 12 month outfits on him when Connor wore them for a year...he's just a bit "chunkier" in the middle at this age. He pretty much just wear 18 months. He's also a bit of a bruiser...he gets pushed down and stepped on quite a bit by his brother but he also gets his own punches in.

Connor refused to put his pants back on after a diaper change.

He's been drinking from a straw for over a month now and eats lots of table food despite the fact that he still has no teeth! We've moved on to the level 3 baby food...he can pack away a 6 oz jar
in no time!

Bodie's had a rough weekend. He's been peeing in the house and yesterday we discovered that he peed in the baby's carseat (I discovered this as I was putting him to go some where!). So we've had to go back to restricting his access and setting a timer so we remember to be sure to walk outside with him every hour. Hopefully he picks up on this quickly...he's smart, but extremely stubborn! We have our first Doggy & Me class on Tues.