Saturday, April 25, 2009


Connor's made some discoveries in the last few days. How to climb his music table...

How to climb in the tupperware cabinet and throw everything out...

He does this at least three times a day now...luckily no one is coming to see the house anymore so half the time I just leave it until he goes to bed.

And how to climb into the bookcase...but he got stuck and I had to help him out.

He's also gone back to signing "more." He learned how to sign it just before he turned 11 months and only did it for 2 weeks. But he signs more and finished now. He also knows where his belly and toes are and if you start to sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" he'll put his hands on his head and then bend down to his toes. We're still working on nose...he points to his head or his eye most of the time, he's only hit his nose once.

The inspection went pretty well. Everything in the house needed to be caulked according to the inspector...not sure if that's just his thing or if it really does, but it's an easy fix. There were a few things that needed a professional to check out so we'll probably ask that those be taken care of. We've gotten 2 quotes from movers...much less than we figured, and 3 quotes for the back fence...MUCH higher than we thought. We have a closing date and time on the 13th of May so hopefully all goes smoothly, yeah right, from now on. I've also found 2 playgroups in the neighborhood and emailed with a couple moms. This is a huge community so we're hopeful that we'll make some good friends..and get to play with the ones we already have.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I figured out how to get my scanner to work. The top pic is #2 at 6 weeks and the bottom is at 12 weeks. Our next ultrasound is May 12th and that one will tell if it's a boy or a girl. Then the next day we will close on our new house! Big week!

I got Connor a "leash." We're planning to take a few trips this summer and he WILL NOT hold my hand. So I thought this might be our only choice. He loves it because it's a dog. He's not really into wearing it, but loves to play with it.

Here he is hunting eggs. Once he discovered the food in them, he thought this was a pretty good game.

Froggie got into it too! I wonder what was in his egg.

Family portrait

Connor loves to read books. He throws the book at you and then sits down "wherever" he can.

Today he found the laundry basket and climbed on. If you look closely you can see Froggie is caught under the basket.

We have our inspection on the new house tomorrow. Let's hope it all goes well!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New House & New Tooth

So after much drama we have a contract on a house. We spent the week discussing, searching, crying and searching some more. This is actually the second house we've made an offer on this week. It's in Pflugerville which is about 1 exit further than we wanted to go, but there's just something about this house/lot that drew me to it. It is currently vacant...a big plus for us so that we can move in quickly. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms and 3,550 sq ft...which yes, is a little bigger than we need right now, but after searching hundreds of houses this was the one that spoke to us. It's on a .39 lot which is HUGE in a golf course community. There is a hole (golf) just out the back and also one across the street in the front. It's just sooooo peaceful and beautiful. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, this neighborhood has taken a BIG hit in the recession and we were able to buy it for $12,500 less than the previous owner paid for it. Actually we believe that it's been empty since he bought it in 2007. His realtor told us he lives in CA and was never able to move into it due to health reasons. This house isn't too much closer to Dave's work according to mileage, but because it's all Toll Way he can do 70mph most of the way to work instead of 35mph and it should only take him about 20 min. So hopefully the whole deal on both houses goes smoothly the rest of the way and we will be in our new house this time next month!

Connor finally got his 6th tooth yesterday too. That tooth has been sitting just under the gum since Feb. Poor little guy will be the only kid in Kindergarten still getting teeth instead of losing them. He's been such a trooper this week. I've dragged him to at least 20 houses and he's not fussed at all. He's been exhausted from being off his schedule, but all in all he's doing really well. He's really into books these days and I think he might actually sit on your lap 24/7 and let you read to him. He takes at least 3 books to bed with him and the first thing he does when he gets up is grab one and start going through it. It's great...a little tiring sometimes, but a good sign!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

House News

Well, we are under contract on our house! It kind of came out of the blue and is going VERY fast, but we got a fair deal...not as high as we wanted but they didn't ask for closing costs and are happy with just the refrigerator. So figuring that in, we feel it was a fair deal esp. for this market and esp. considering every single time someone came to look at our house they commented on not liking the lot and it's proximity to the main rd. We are closing on May 11, but they are giving us until May 15th to get out. WOW! I need to find a house! They are relocating from MD and need a place to live quickly so now we pass it on and need someone else to move quickly.

I have a list of houses to look at tomorrow and will hopefully narrow it down so Dave can join us at lunch to revisit the more promising ones. Hopefully we will pick one tomorrow and therefore have time to get all of our ducks in a row to move in a month. I'm very excited, but also a little panicky. The What Ifs visit me at night...when I have trouble sleeping anyway...and run round and round in my head. I know this is the right move for us and the right time, it's just all happening so fast. I had pretty much given up all hope and resolved myself to being stuck in S. Austin for another year or so, but now all this wallpaper is someone else's problem! We will never have a pirate room in our house again!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To

On Wednesday, Lexie and Connor went to the Austin Zoo. They called every animal a dog, but still had fun.

On Thursday, the power went out at Dave's work so he came home early. Connor thought it was fun to play on his computer. He wasn't about to show us what he was working on though.

Here he is trying to get to my computer. He's into everything these days. He can climb and scheme to get to just about anything he wants.

On Saturday morning we took Sophie and Connor to Beagle Brigade. All the other beagles had fun, but Sophie growled and nipped at any beagle that came near her.

Then Connor and I went to Round Rock to visit with Kerith. She lives in Atlanta now, but was in town for the weekend.

Connor is still in love with his Elmo chair. Froggie was getting a little out of hand and Connor thought it was funny.

Connor is REALLY into books these days. He brings a book to you and then backs into your lap. This is great, right? Yes and no. I'm so excited that he loves books, but I would prefer to read a variety of books. We read the same 3 books over and over and over and over throughout the day.

On Sunday morning we colored Easter eggs.

Connor wanted to play with one. He had an egg snack just after this picture.

Addie came over on Sunday afternoon. She's just as interested in books. They really like the ones with dogs in them best though.

Last night I felt the baby for the first time. Just little bubbles, but I'm sure that's what it was. We have our next appointment in two weeks and they'll give me the paperwork to set up the appointment for the anatomy ultrasound. Very exciting!