Friday, March 28, 2008

doctors visits

We've had a busy week. Connor and I have been getting out more...whether he likes it or not. He's not a big fan of the car, but we've been taking some short trips to try and get him used to it.

On Wednesday, we went to visit Daddy at work and have lunch with him. Then I had my 6 week doctor appointment. Everything is back in its place, so that's a good thing. Then we stopped by Nora's house and Connor got to see his first 2 year old. That was definitely an exciting experience for him.

On Thursday Connor and I went to meet a new pediatrician. This was our third one in this practice...we didn't like the other two and their "cry-it-out" approach to raising children. So we met Dr. Alcorn and although we had to wait a long time, it was worth it. She was very nice and open to our style of parenting. Our main discussion was the vaccine schedule. I want to stretch out the vaccines and not have them immunize him for 6 different things at one time. Dave and I both have really bad allergies and had febrile seizures (caused by high fever) as children. I don't want to take any chances. Also they don't think that vaccines cause autism, but all those chemicals and viruses being shot into small, immature systems can't be good. So we're going to slow things down and play it safe with the vaccines.

Oh yeah and Connor was up to 12 pounds at the doctor's office. That's 5 pounds in 6 weeks... which brings me to our next issue. My milk supply obviously is adequate for Connor (how else could he be so big), but I am having trouble pumping. I don't get enough out (and they turn blue in the process) to be able to sustain him while I'm away for longer periods of time (my guess is because he eats it all). So I've decided that I will not be going back to work this year. I still haven't broken the news to my bosses (please don't tell them yet)! The daycare that we were working on at school hasn't opened, or even been approved, so I can't keep him close and it's not worth it to send him to a daycare for a few weeks. So we're lucky enough to have the option to let me stay home and keep him growing!

Today some of our friends that live in Ft. Worth are coming down...along with Connor's first 1 yr old to play with. Then tomorrow we are having somewhere between 12 and 15 people over for Dave's food from Buffalo...yucky stuff like sausage and roast beef. So I'm hoping Connor lets me put him down long enough today to pick up the mess we call our house!

***Sorry Cher, nothing to funny today! I'll add a WTF here just for you!***

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What we've been up to...

We tried to take Connor to a downtown pub on St. Patrick's Day. Here he is "throwing back a bottle" with Daddy. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long. Connor wasn't in the mood!

Connor with his first Easter basket.

Come on Mom!

So....what have we been up to. After our exciting night driving to and from the emergency room, on Thursday my cousin, Lisa, came down for the weekend from Dallas. We didn't do much, but it was nice seeing her.

Today Connor managed to projectile vomit hitting Sophie in the process. She actually thought it was pretty cool. Then he had such a blow out in his diaper while sitting on Dave that Dave had to change his shirt and pants and take a shower!

We're doing better with the breastfeeding. It still stings a bit, but I guess I can live with it. I have my 6 week doctor's appointment this week. Connor is up to 11 pounds. I can't believe he's gained 4 lbs in 5 weeks.

And the biggest news is the weight IS coming off. Not as quickly as at first, but it is coming off. Of course, who has time to eat with a baby that eats round the clock. I never get to finish a's better than Weight Watchers.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to the ER

So we had our first trip to the ER around 10:30 last night. Connor got REALLY fussy last night. He screamed louder, harder and longer than we've ever heard. He wouldn't be consoled. We tried rocking, swaying, walking, shushing, changing the pants, eating, standing by the dryer, going outside, rubbing the belly...NOTHING worked. He would quiet for a minute or two and then continue screaming inconsolably. He appeared to be in pain. When he would try to eat, he would pull off after the first swallow and he seemed to have a belly ache. There was also much less monkey poo last night than usual. (I tried moving his legs and squeezing him to try and get it out, but nothing.) We weren't sure if we could give him Motrin for the pain so we decided (after 1.5 - 2 hours of screaming) to call the after-hours nurse line. They told us to take him to the ER and to only go up to the Dell Children's Center. So we grabbed our stuff and our screaming child and put him in the car (not one of his favorite places on a good day).

Marley had no idea anything was going on and was passed out on the couch and couldn't be roused to go in the kitchen so we could leave. Sophie on the other hand seemed to know there was a problem and walked right in without the usual chase down. So we got in the car, I sat in the back and tried to console him. I rubbed his head and held his hand. Within 15 minutes, he was... fast asleep. (You knew this was going there, didn't you?)

So then we had to try and figure out if we still walk into the ER with a healthy, sleeping child (knowing they were going to laugh at us) or turn around and go home with a possibly sick child. So we continued on. There were many sick and coughing children in there and I kept a blanket over Connor's face most of the time we were in there. The triage nurse looked at him and then looked at us and said, "So what's wrong?" Dave attempted to give Connor the bottle we took along just in case and suddenly the child started eating. We looked at the guy and said we'd take him to the car, try to feed him and then make a decision about what we'd do. The child chowed down, fell asleep and we went home! He's been a little cranky today and only cat-napping, but things seem fine. He poo-ed sooooo much this morning that it came seeping out and onto everything within a one foot radius. (I think he's at it again!)

So, I have no idea what's going on with him but it seems that he wants to make our lives difficult...and is doing a darn good job of it right from the start. Oh well, at least he's healthy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Month Old!

Connor celebrated his one month birthday this Saturday. He had a big day! We took him to the Driftwood Vineyard to visit our friend Courtney and let Mommy have her first glass of wine in 10 months! It was a beautiful day and we all had a good time.

Mommy and Connor hanging out. Connor has on his "Lucky Charm" onsie.

Sophie knows somebody gets fed here. She figures if she hangs out long enough maybe it will be her.

We all spend lots of time on the couch these days.

Connor likes to "hang" out in his Baby Bjorn.

Connor took his first trip to Home Depot today. He was lots of help. He really wanted to ride one of the tractors.

Connor managed to go above 10 pounds this weekend. We got on the scale yesterday and I'd say he's between 10.5 and 11 pounds now. He should be a heavyweight soon! We had to get bigger diapers and are having a hard time getting those to fit. I'm just glad he's done all this growing on the outside and not while he was still in me! Look at those thighs!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monkey Poo Strikes Again!

Our little monkey is really working on perfecting his secret power...projectile pooping. At midnight the other night he came close to getting it right. He managed to hit Dave and get sticky newborn poo on his shirt and hands. I was of course no help because I was laughing too hard.

Connor is doing really well. We went to the lactation consultant this weekend and Connor had gained 2 pounds in one week...which puts him up to 9 and a half pounds. So I guess now everyone will really believe me when I say he eats CONSTANTLY!!! We really don't do anything else. His activities range from eating to sleeping to screaming. That's about it right now. Hopefully we'll get some smiles here soon.

BTW, if you sent us a very cute pelican toy, or know who did, could you let us know? It didn't come with a packing slip or anything so we don't know who to thank for this cute toy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sophie needs some attention too!

Connor's first bath didn't go over well. It had to be aborted so that he would continue to breathe!

Eyes are open!!!!

I tried to catch him with his eyes open again. This picture doesn't do him justice though. He's much cuter than this!

Connor's friend Addie came to play on Mon. when Daddy went back to work.

I typed all this one-handed. Forgive me for the briefness.