Sunday, February 26, 2012

Connor's Birthday

Sorry it's a little late, but life has gotten away from me again!

We had Connor's party on Feb 11th. Grandma Betty and Grandpa Joe came down from Indiana for the big event!

At Connor's 4 yr check up he was 41.5" tall and 37 that's the 75th%!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh Boy!

Connor and Evan were having lots of fun playing outside this afternoon. A couple of times I saw Connor pee in the yard because he didn't want to stop playing to come in. Then...I heard him laughing and screaming. I looked out to see him jumping up and down under the fort with his pants around his ankles (remember we live on a golf course where there are usually people standing by the back fence). I went out there to tell him to pull up his pants. He said "They're wet!" I told him to pull them up and come in to change them. So he did and then came running to me and said, "The dogs think it's funny to eat my poopies!" I started to laugh and run to where Evan was still playing. I asked him to point where he'd gone and sure enough there was nothing in the grass there. I really had to work hard to not laugh in front of him so I could explain why it's not so bad to do pee pee's in the back yard but he cannot do poopies! People think I make this stuff up...but I don't!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Funny Connor

Connor's done a few funny things lately that I don't want to forget!

First, the other day he was singing "Larry had a little lamb..." It was soooo funny!

Then tonight he wanted me to lay in bed with him. After a few minutes he said he wanted to sleep ON me. He kept wiggling around and burying his face in me and looking at his fingers and making a three with each hand. I was starting to get a little weirded out and then he said "I'm being a sloth!" I started laughing so hard. How many kids pretend to be sloths? Most don't do it on purpose!