Saturday, April 26, 2008


Connor got some new hats for summer this week.

Daddy giving Connor his bath. He tolerates bath time now. No screaming! Yeah!

We have a house guest this weekend. Addie's puppy, Molly, came to stay. Sophie is so excited. She thinks she hit the lottery. We've had a few good beagle battles, then they pass out.

Connor had his first real giggle today. I discovered the other day that he's ticklish. When I was putting on his clothes today, I got some good giggles. But then I took him downstairs and put him in his seat. We were playing with Froggie and we got a real giggle. It was soooo cute! We talk everyday about what a cute baby he is and even though we're biased, we think even by the normal person's standards that's he's really cute. We can't go to a store without hearing comments. He's going to break some hearts in the future!

Connor's starting to vocalize a lot. I was on the phone with a friend the other day and we had to hang up because both of our babies were making so much noise we couldn't hear. I just wonder what he's saying.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Surgery!!!

We went to the pediatric surgeon to have Connor evaluated for a hernia. He said that the condition should solve itself by his first birthday. He will reevaluate him then and see what's going on. So, that's great news! No need to worry!

Connor's had kind of a crabby week. He's learned how to whine. It's a pretty funny sound, but he definitely gets his point across. We've had lots of screaming for no apparent reason this week. Not sure what that's all about, but it seems to be lessening today...not gone though! He's been sleeping a lot and has only gained 1/2 lb this week. Maybe he's slowing down. He's almost 15lbs and my back has started to REALLY hurt. He's gonna have to start walking by 4 months if he keeps growing at this rate or I'm going to be in a wheelchair! He has started sleeping for longer periods at night. He still won't sleep without me, but we're all getting sleep so that's good.

Hopefully we'll get going on the garden this weekend!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Connor had his first round of vaccinations yesterday. He did really well. He cried a little, but not too bad. He had a low-grade fever last night and slept A LOT, but other than that not bad. We did find out that he weighs 14lbs 5 oz, 23 in. long and his head measured 16.5 in. Those measurements put him in the 95th percentile for weight and head and 50th for height. WE also got a referral to a surgeon. He may have a hernia that will need to be surgically repaired. We go to the dr. on Thurs. so we'll know more then. Poor guy!

If you look closely at the picture, you can see Connor's first band-aid (it's orange). As you can tell, he wasn't feeling so hot.

Froggy got put in Time-Out. He was singing bad songs.

We worked in the yard today...well, mostly Dave did. He started moving bushes so that we could make space for our new vegetable garden. Hopefully, we'll get everything planted next weekend and the veggies will be ready this summer, just in time for Connor to start eating solid foods.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Smiles!

Connor is 2 months old today and all smiles. He smiles A LOT now. You can talk to him and he'll grin at you. He gave Dave such a big smile this morning that Dave almost had to stay home from work to play with him! He's getting cuter everyday!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More pictures

Aunt Mary Ann sent us the pictures she took when she was here. There are some good ones!

Connor loves his Mommy.

Mary Ann says this caption should say, "I think, therefore I poop!"

Family photo at the dog park.

That Froggie, he tells the funniest jokes.

Daddy is a good guy.

Grandma Kostusiak took good care of me!

Aunt Mary was fun!

The infamous pirate room

Connor has this beautiful room that he never goes into

Checking each other out

We took a walk on the trail around the neighborhood.

Just swinging

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our week

Connor has a Froggie that we are trying to make his "lovee". I'm not sure if it really helps to soothe him yet, but Froggie likes to sing (esp when Daddy is around).

Just hanging out on the couch watching Y&R with Mommy!

We found the dogs sitting like this. Actually Marley had her head on top of Sophie's, but when we tried to get the picture she moved. I guess Marley has finally given in and decided that Sophie is the only one who will cuddle with her now that Connor is here. Poor dogs!

Mommy went to get her hair cut tonight (I'll post that later) and Daddy stayed home with Connor. He decided that playing Phish and dancing in the living room would be the thing to do. Connor really liked it! They did that for about an hour.

Sophie didn't think the whole Phish music thing was such a good idea. Something scared her and she wouldn't go near Dave or into the living room. She'll obviously protect us when we need her...NOT!

Connor and I went to the library to get him a library card. By the picture you can tell that he's VERY excited about the whole thing. I tried to read him a book while we were there and he screamed. Then as we were looking around, he fell asleep. I'm going to be the only reading teacher whose kid hates to read!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grandma & Aunt Mary Ann visit

Connor got a Bumbo seat. He can sit up and watch what's going on. He likes it about as well as he likes his other toys...10 minutes and he's done.

Still trying to catch a smile!

Grandma Kostusiak and Connor

Grandma Kostusiak and Aunt Mary Ann stayed with Connor on Saturday while Mommy and Daddy went on a date. It went well for the first two hours (except they couldn't figure out how to change the channels on the tv) but then Connor got hungry again and this time the bottle wouldn't do it. They tried all the tricks they could think of, even standing by the dishwasher while it was running, but nothing worked for long. Luckily Mommy came home and saved the day not too much later. I bet they're glad they're too far away to babysit again for a while.

Aunt Mary Ann also spent some quality time with Sophie. They went on a walk and Sophie didn't give Aunt Mary Ann the right directions and they got lost. They ended up being gone for an hour (Sophie had to be carried for part of the walk). Dave went out in the car looking for them, but they were almost home. Then Mary Ann was brave enough to take Marley for a walk, but Marley knows how to get home so that went better.

Grandma Kostusiak forgot how stinky baby diapers are!

Mommy and Connor waving good-bye to their visitors. We had a good time! Come back soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Amanda and Aiden came to visit us last weekend! We had a great time! Aiden helped us learn what needs to be baby-proofed in the house. He helped Dave put plastic corners on the coffee table and then proceeded to rip them all off! Guess we need to find a different kind that's actually baby-proof! He and Sophie were equally scared and intrigued by each other. He kept her on her toes!

Connor is working on smiling. I have seen him smile about once a day for the last week. He showed his smile to Amanda this weekend and for the first time to Daddy last night. He's a very serious little boy and doesn't want to show his smile too much and have people think he's clowning around. I will keep trying to get a picture of an actual smile, but it may be a while.

See what I mean!

Daddy and Connor resting and watching Star Trek.

Connor likes to be held ALL the time. This little invention helps us be close but still get things done.
Can you see all those chins? Who knows what's actually hiding in there!

Connor in his first pair of overalls. Isn't he cute?

Connor's girlfriend, Addie, came over again on Saturday. Connor only weighs about 2 pounds less than Addie and he's 4 months younger! Maybe he's trying to bulk up to show off!

I just took this. I finally got him into a deep enough sleep to put him down. He hates the swing and will only sit in it if completely unconscious.