Monday, November 30, 2009

Chatty Charlie

Connor took his bowl of Goldfish, his dvd of Cars, his blue truck and red car and climbed in the cabinet.

The dogs realized he had Goldfish and are usually pretty lucky about being able to steal anything he has to eat.

Connor has really started talking a lot and I'd guess that 75% of it is understandable...if you know his language. He almost always uses 2 or words in a phrase now and can generally get his point across...of course that doesn't cut down on the screaming and fits, but maybe there's still hope. He's doing pretty well identifying colors. He's getting almost consistent with red, blue and yellow. He also likes to help count to 20 and can get more numbers in the right spots than you thin he should be able to. It's amazing to think that he couldn't even walk this time last year and he hadn't signed his first word yet. Amazing how quickly they grow!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home and got one of Evan's smiles on camera!

Tomorrow the real work begins. At Halloween we found out that our neighborhood really "gets into" holidays. Trick or Treaters actually walked past our house because we only had our front lights on and were sitting outside (no movies showing or gigantic decorations). So we figure Christmas decorations are an even bigger deal and we better get started tomorrow. We read in the neighborhood newsletter that there's a $50 gift card for the best decoration! Game on!

BTW, please excuse me if I misspell anything in this post...Connor is crawling on me and "feeding" me with his baby's bottle which makes it difficult to type!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Evan's 2 Months!

How Cute!!!!

Evan is 2 months old today! He went to the dr and he weighs 14 lbs 15 oz which means he has gained exactly 6 lbs in 2 months...which puts him off the charts! He is 22.75" long (45%) and his head is only 75th%. He's doing great!

My boys!

Connor refused to smile in any pics today. Here he's shaking his head and screaming "No!" Pretty much what he does all day long every day these days! Can't wait for 2 to actually get here..yeah right!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Potty Time!

Connor has been having fits each time we change his diaper...kicking and screaming and making life miserable for all involved. So we thought maybe it was time to start some potty training. We've had a potty for a few months. Before the baby was born Connor was telling me when he had to potty, so I went out and bought a potty. And you guessed it...he stopped telling me. He likes to sit on the potty when I'm using my potty but he refuses to sit on it with his pants off...kind of the point of the whole thing.

Step 1 is to get him to sit on the potty a) for an extended time and b) with his pants off...enter the introduction to candy! We made it all the way through Halloween without him knowing what candy was but boy does he know now. I shoved him on the potty and gave him an M & M and told he could only have them while he was sitting on the potty. By about the third time of this we couldn't get him off the potty! And even asked to sit on the potty last night so he could get some candy.

During one of these rounds Dave let him take the M&M out of the container himself, but he told him only one. Well he took two and Dave told him, "No, only one." So Connor put both of them in his mouth and said "None!" Smart kid! So today I gave him a sucker (which he calls balloons) and told him it was a potty sucker and only let him have it while he sits there. He sits there and says "Red Sucker!" the entire time, it's pretty funny. We haven't had any pee yet but hopefully the pee will come before his teeth rot out of his head...which would be a shame since we waited so long for those to come in.

Another funny Connor story...Dave went in to Connor's room to check on him after he'd fallen asleep and he was gone. Dave looked all over and finally looked under the bed and found him dead asleep with none other than...Froggie! Froggie doesn't get much play time any more, but obviously he's still a bad influence!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our MOMS Club activity today was to go to the farm. We tried to go just before Halloween but got rained out. So today we only had 4 moms and 7 kids, but it was a nice small group and a great day for it. Yes, we did ride this tractor/hayride. I didn't think I should but we went ahead. It was a little too bumpy for Evan and I had to hold on to Connor to keep him from bumping off onto the floor, but I think he had a good time. And since we were the last group we got our own private hayride.

We got to see lots of animals on the farm including these ostriches, but Connor's favorite thing was the pumpkin patch. He kept running in there and I had to keep going in and getting him.

Here's what Connor did most of the time...sat in the stroller and ate goldfish. The goats were one of the first animals on the walking tour and they scared him so he spent most of the time in the stroller. Of course he did try to off road the tour a few times and headed into the woods...another reason he's in the stroller! All in all a good day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We've been busy and have lots to tell, but just haven't been doing a good job of taking pictures.

Evan will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and is growing fast! Don't you just love the 4 segments of arm?

Got my blood test results today and my iron levels are normal again. The anemia seems to just have been a complication of pregnancy, so that's good. I only have 5 lbs of Evan baby weight to lose and then on to Connor's baby weight. I've been doing WW, Wii Sports Active, and walking on the treadmill. Connor thinks it's fun to do these with me. Hopefully it works!

I'll try to upload the pics we have soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween WAS Scary

Freddy Kruger!!!

On Friday we went to Dave's office to go trick or treating. Connor refused to put on either costume (last year's Chewbaca or this year's Underdog), but he did still fit into the onsie he wore last year so we let it slide. He figured out VERY quickly that if you say trick or treat (or even if you don't) people would give you things. He also figured out that he could just take these things from the bowls people had...even better. And then it occurred to him that if you say you're taking one for Mommy, Daddy and get even more! But the real coup of the year is....he has no idea that you can eat any of this stuff. He just likes to pick out the colors and talk about those. He calls suckers balloons and even took a snickers bar to bed and the only thing that happened to it is that it melted from being in his hot little hand. He got so much candy that we had to go back to Dave's cube and drop some off half way through. Thank goodness this activity went well because Halloween was not so pretty!

It started with Connor refusing to take a nap! Instead he took all the pajamas out of his dresser and threw them around the room. So when it was time to put on his costume...there was a battle! It took about an hour of talking about the costume (which was just a t-shirt with a piece of cloth pinned to it) and watching the movie Underdog before I could get him to say he'd wear it. Then half way through putting it on...he changed his mind. He almost broke my collar bone by head butting me 3 times, but I did get the shirt on eventually. We got him to go to the next door neighbor's and he decided he wanted to climb Dave's leg instead of saying trick or treat. Finally he went to 3 houses and then stood in our driveway and passed out candy for an hour until he completely lost it and had to be put to bed. Let's hope next year is better!

BTW, we did discover tooth number 12 came in sometime yesterday...let's blame that for the crabbiness!