Monday, May 26, 2008

Froggie Strikes Again!

When I woke I up this morning this is what I found! That Froggie partied last night and left his mess! Actually, two of Dave's colleagues from work are in town from Russia. They came over for brisket and beer butt chicken. It was fun comparing cultures. Connor really liked one of the guys...he kept smiling at him. Luckily they didn't hear him let loose in his diaper at the dinner table. This seems to be a new trend. he waits until an inconvenient moment and then lets loose!

Connor started working on rolling from tummy to back this week but only the front part would go. I think he was really just trying to get a better look at the tv!

Connor's started back into his eating more often frenzy. I think we'll start trying some cereal this week. He'll be 3 1/2 months this week (not to mention pushing 17 lbs hard) so I think he's ready. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This baby went into his pack and play 20 min. after falling asleep on me (usually it's 60 before I can even think of setting him down). He has been in there almost 2.5 hours. That is the longest he has EVER been off me! And I mean EVER! YIPPEE! Crib here we come!

I think I mentioned last time that we got a Wii. I wanted the Wii Fit for my birthday. Well it took us a week of searching all possible stores in South Austin to find the Wii so when I found the Wii Fit yesterday morning, the day it was released, I jumped on it. But now Dave won't let me open it because it's supposed to be my present. He just left it downstairs. It has been sitting on the floor staring at me all day just willing me to open it (and I actually have a chance to do something on my own today too)! I have not opened it. Just played Wii Tennis for awhile and cleaned to try and ignore it, but it has been calling my name!

Oh no! Someone else is about to call my name! Gotta Run!

PS - We went to the doctor's office twice this week. Once for shots which went well. But I'd noticed a possible problem with his hernia area and also a white spot on his nipple. Both turned out to be no big deal. The big issue was that Connor let loose on his diaper 30 seconds before the dr walked in. The whole room smelled and I wasn't gonna take it with me, so I'm sure the next few patients weren't real happy with us. Oh well!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Froggy Bites

Connor has started chewing on his Froggy.

Connor and Froggy hang out in his high chair now in the morning while Mommy makes breakfast.Looks like Froggy might be chewing on Connor too! Actually, Connor just wanted to get out of his chair. Obviously he knows how to get his point across!

While Mommy was taking a shower, Daddy let Connor watch Raiders of the Lost Ark! Connor has learned to turn his head any way he wants...that's usually toward the TV! We have to work hard to keep him from watching TV. I think that's why he's learned to roll to his side. He moves so that he can see the tv! He's going to be just as addicted as his mommy and daddy.

I think the Bumbo seat and Connor will be parting ways soon. Those legs are getting too chunky!

We go for a second round of shots tomorrow. Connor hasn't been in such a great mood for the last few days. Hopefully the shots don't make things worse.

Mommy and Daddy got a Wii this weekend. That should be fun for all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Lydia and Matt decided to go ahead and get married today. They needed to "make it legal" in the US because the Ireland wedding in August will not be "legal". Colorado marriage laws are pretty lax. They married themselves.

I decided that even though this was a technical wedding they would need some kind of wedding cake to mark the day, so I sent them this cookie cake. came through and delivered on time!
They decided that it was a funny idea and that they'd go ahead and play along. This picture is actually pretty impressive considering they were alone. I'm guessing one of the dogs took the picture!

We're very happy to have Uncle Matt officially in our family. Connor wants a cousin!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Skills

Connor's been working hard on some new skills this week. He's learned to roll from his back to his side. He can't get all the way over because of a fat little arm though. I'm sure he'll figure it out soon. He's also working on lifting up. He started scooting around while I was taking this picture. I thought he might be able to go in a circle. He's also been trying REALLY hard to stick both of his fists in his mouth at the same time. He got a thumb stuck in his lip today while working on that one.

We've had a busy week of visiting friends. It was lots of fun and Connor loves looking around at new places and faces. He really seems to be mellowing out and we're all getting along very well...that is if I meet his every demand. He's squawking at me right now to come and get him out of his swing! I better do it or I'll have to pay for delaying his needs!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Signs of....


Sophie and Marley like the garden. They like walking in it. I've caught Sophie in it a few times. I found paw prints and some of the bean seeds dug up. Today I found a baby bean plant lying on top of the dirt in the zucchini row. We may be having Beagle burgers with our vegetables!


It's very cool! Almost each time I go out there I have a new plant that's popped up. Hopefully they will produce some veggies, but if they don't at least I know that I can get seeds to grow!

Friday, May 2, 2008

This week

Connor had a funny reaction to his acid reflux meds the other day.

The bubbles just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I decided he needed a jumper or a walker or something to get him moving...and maybe work off some of those hamhock thighs. So I went to the local resale store and got a great deal on a jumper. I got it home and then realized we already had this one that Scott and Annie loaned us. I guess I'll take the other one back tomorrow. Anyway, this was the first time we've ever seen him smile at a thing. He seemed to like it and can even touch the floor and make it bounce by accident.

Dave moved the bushes to make way for my garden.

My garden...let's hope things will grow!

Dave is also making a pad for the grill to sit on. The dogs are helping.