Monday, January 28, 2008 baby!

Well, today she said she thinks he's only up to 7.5 lbs. But we're still on track for a 9 lb. baby! YIKES!!!! There's been no change in my cervix and he's just starting to come into the pelvis. So it doesn't look like he'll be making his way out this week. She wants to do another ultrasound next week, if he's still not here, just to check in on him. Unfortunately, I did test positive for Group B Strep. That means that I have to have antibiotics given to me at least 4 hours before delivery so as not to transfer the bacteria to him. It's very common...25-30% of women have it...and is also very treatable if they know about it. So we know and we'll know to get straight to the hospital when I go into labor and especially if my water breaks.

On the dog front...we are horrible parents. We have broken down and gone out and bought a mild shock collar for Sophie. It's amazing how quickly this thing has worked. She almost immediately associated the "un-uh" with the shock and now if you say "un-uh" she turns tail. Of course she also looks at you with these sad beagle eyes. The trick with this is to catch her though. If you're around it works great....if not, not so much. She took one of my shoes and the cordless phone under the bed, where she obviously knows a fat pregnant lady cannot reach them or her! So, we're still working on it, but it is getting better.

Speaking of fat pregnant ladies...I told Dave today when I saw my reflection of the windows at the doctor's office that I have become that hugely pregnant lady who I used to comment about. That sucks! He tried to make me feel better by saying "Only a few more weeks" but you know what? That really doesn't help! I'm still large and obviously not in charge!

Monday, January 21, 2008

No Baby!

Well, Connor is not interested in coming this week. The doctor said I'm 60% effaced, which is only a 10% increase from 3 weeks ago, with no dilation. She also thinks he's almost 7 lbs. Yes, that's a pound in a week! He really is going to be a toddler! She doesn't think he'll be late because of his size today, but he's not coming now. We got almost everything we will need to bring him home, so we're ready. We just need him to be! Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Shower

We got some awesome presents at our shower. We have amazingly generous friends. Thank you to everyone who came to hang out with us and who brought or sent gifts. We appreciate y'all!

The proud parents to be!

Ok Mom! There's a picture with the ENORMOUS belly in it! I think I'm boycotting camera's for the rest of the pregnancy! So this is it!

Here's some pics of Connor's room. It's pretty much as decorated as it's going to get now.
PS - The dogs aren't 100% yet, but hopefully they are on their way! Tomorrow is another doctor's appt. I'll let you know what she says!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

S. Austin 3/ Mazda 0

Poor Mazda! Dave got into an accident on the way home from work last night. He's ok and I think the car is mostly ok, but the other person may have some trunk trouble. The weather was nasty here yesterday...rainy and high of only 35. I only went to the grocery store and back. It was too nasty for me! Poor Mazda! I was rear-ended twice while driving it (actually I was sitting still both times) and now the front has had a bump too! Now I know why my insurance went up when I moved from Round Rock to South Austin! Dave hated driving it before this. I can't imagine that I'll hear anything good about it from now on.

Today is our Baby Shower. It should be lots of fun. I will post pictures when I get a chance. I am large and uncomfortable these days. My stomach growls in the middle of the night and I'm really thirsty all the time. My little parasite must be gaining weight at an alarming rate! I'm going to have a toddler! I hope he doesn't have teeth already!

Marley and Sophie seem to be on the mend! Sophie hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours and ate her food yesterday. Marley had a bladder issue yesterday, but made it through the night last night. They both need baths along with the rest of the house. I'm just exhausted and not moving too fast. Dave's having some respiratory issues along with his bad day yesterday. Hopefully this all gets out of our systems before Connor comes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now Sophie's sick!

So Marley seems to be feeling better, but has passed her germs on to Sophie...who has it worse! Sophie woke up puking at 3am Wednesday morning. She continued to throw up every 30-60 min. for most of the day. I actually had to send an email to my boss saying I would be in late to work because the dogs were sick. I took her to the vet and he didn't think (I disagree though) that she had the same thing as Marley. There is sooooo much dog puke in our house it isn't even funny! She did manage to only get up once in the night and puke though. I think she has learned that not eating means not puking. She has only slept today (hasn't eaten in over 24 hours) and hasn't puked since 4am. She is soooo pitiful! She just wants to sit with her head on her mommy. Now Marley has diarrhea! We switched her to canned food...which she LOVES...but it caused her to leave brown spots all over the carpet AND the couch before I discovered what was going on! The only thing that could make this worse would be if I went into labor and we couldn't deal with them!

So we're all sitting on the couch surrounded by spots on the carpet, waiting for Daddy to get home and dig us out!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marley's back at the vet!

It's been two whole weeks since we've seen Roy, so we figured it was time to visit again. He said she had a fever, had lost a half a pound and seemed "uncomfortable." Other than ideas. She just stood there the entire time we were there. He even asked if this was how she had been behaving. I said, "Yes, before we came I picked her up and took her downstairs to get ready to go. I set her on the couch and she hit her head on a pillow and just stood there like that until I came back to get her." Then when we came home. I set her on the couch again and she just sat there for 30-45 min. staring at me and not moving. Sophie even tried sticking her nose in her ears and mouth and nothing. I don't think she's dying or else we would be a lot more upset, but I'd like to know what kind of doggie virus this is and when it will go away. I told the vet we have a month to get these dogs in line before they become second class citizens! Marley seems to be fighting it. Maybe this is just her way of getting attention with the baby coming. Sophie, on the other hand, feels that stealing things is the way to get attention! Dogs!

Monday, January 14, 2008

No news

The doctor didn't have much to say today. She says if he decides to come now, she's not concerned so I can do whatever I want. She will check next week to see if I'm dilating or not. She did make an interesting comment..."This looks like a big baby." Never something an expectant mother wants to hear when she still has 4 weeks to go. She thinks he'll be between 8 and 9 lbs...which is what we expected. So we'll just continue to wait and see.

After my appt. I went over to my friend Nora's. She gave me 6 bags of baby clothes! Connor is set for quite some time! We have everything from sleepers to suits. Thanks Nora! I have a work shower on Wed. and a friend shower on Sat. so we should be ready for him after this weekend.

Marley's back to feeling pukey. Not sure what's going on with her. She refuses to eat breakfast and lays around all day, but by dinner she's ok. I think I may stop giving her her newest meds for a few days and see if that's the problem. She won't mind...she spits them out anyway!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


What more is this child going to subject me to? When I got home from work today I discovered I no longer have ankles! This is the first thing that has swelled this whole time. I did take my rings off last week just in case this problem started. Maybe this will be a one time thing right? My sister has decided she needs to get on a plane and come here right away because this is a sign that I must be approaching a weight that needs intervention. Not funny! I had three contractions last night....5 min. apart. But they stopped. You may want to stop reading my blog soon. I can only imagine that the bitching in the next few weeks is going to get worse! Thank goodness I got a pedicure yesterday!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Who knows?

Well, the doctor's office finally called back at 5:05pm this afternoon to tell me that their tests showed nothing wrong. Which is good. BUT...I'd like to know what caused the problem. I guess I'll just have to put that one in the unknown pile with why the sky is blue and why beagles bark so much! So thank you for all your well wishes. I will let you know if I find anything else out. My next appt. is on Mon. so maybe we can chat with the doctor then. BTW, huge doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling these days. How can this child only weigh 5lbs. and I feel as if he weighs 90? He kicks like he weighs 90lbs. too! And if the hiccups are his way of practicing breathing and swallowing he should be a pro by now! I can't wait until he's old enough to torture in the middle of the night like he tortures me! Dave's definitely having the next one!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Good Scare!

Well, we got a good scare today. I had a little spotting last night, so this morning I thought I'd call the dr. just to be on the safe side. I figured they'd say just watch it and call if it continues for a few days. But they said come in. They hooked me up to a monitor to see if I was having any contractions and lo and behold...I was. They were coming between 5 and 8 min. apart. I couldn't feel them though. Then they did an exam. I was about 50% effaced with no dilation. They started to get concerned. The dr. wasn't working today (I was dealing with the Nurse Practitioner). So they called her to see what she wanted to do. They said she may have me go to the hospital for continued monitoring. But she wanted me to go upstairs to the ultrasound dr. to have an ultrasound and then see from there. So we got in and had the ultrasound. Connor is still a Connor (thank goodness since everything is blue). He's extremely busy. He made eating motions, stuck his hand in his mouth and then yawned really big. Of course that was after he tried to kick the wand off a number of times. They said everything looked fine with him. He weighs 4 lbs. 13 ounces. We could see fat rolls on the back of his neck and chubby little cheeks. Since there was nothing wrong with him, they put me on 2 days bed rest....still trying to convince Dave that couch-rest is the same thing. I have my regularly scheduled appt. for the 14th and we're just hoping whatever's causing this backs off. They told me to lay off the exercise. Luckily neither of us laughed when they said that. Actually we haven't done too much since we've been on vacation and I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to do less, but I'll try! So keep your fingers crossed for us (we only need to make it 2 more weeks and then he's considered full-term).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rockin' New Year's Eve!

So here's the latest picture. Are you happy Mom?
We had a rockin' New Year's Eve this year. We went to a 2-year old birthday party in the afternoon. Then came home, ate dinner and by 10pm I was ready for bed. Dave is so sweet. He didn't complain at all. He just counted down, kissed me and let me go to bed.
We don't really have any New Year's resolutions this year. We just want a happy, healthy baby and all of our focus is really on that point. Any other improvements will just have to be a bonus. But I would like for everyone else to resolve to start a blog. Everyone reads mine and I have no one's to Laura, yours doesn't count because you don't update it often!
We had another scare with Marley this week. On Sunday morning she was shaking and trembling. She ate her breakfast then puked it all up. She was lethargic and pretty much wouldn't move. We kept waiting for it to pass, but it didn't. So Monday morning we called the vet (after I had to hand feed her) and went in. I was prepared for the worst, but he said he thought she had a cold/flu. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and by the afternoon she was looking for cookies. She's still a little tired, but definitely seems to be on the mend. The vet is going to be able to update his office soon with all the fees we've had to pay lately!
We hope everyone has a wonderful new year and we hope to see all of you often!