Thursday, October 18, 2012

ADK 2012

Our trip to the Adirondacks this year fell just one week after we got home from our trip to Disney. Needless to say we were exhausted (and still are) but it was good to see everyone even though the weather was colder than usual. The boys had a BLAST playing with their cousins. Connor got to have his first sleep over and stayed in the bedroom with the cousins we were staying with. Evan was excited to get his own Mommy Eagle after a year of coveting his brother's. Dave was very sad that the condo we usually stay in had been sold and the original owners had taken their life sized Chief with them. And I coughed, sneezed and sputtered with the rain and mold as I have been doing for the last month...this is why I don't like seasons and prefer TX (although I will admit ragweed has been vicious this year and I'm suffering like I haven't in quite a while).

On the adoption front...nothing! They said they'd have our home study finalized and to us and...nope, we've still got nothing, but their apology. So our goal of having our paperwork to China by Thanksgiving is gone esp since our next step involves the US government.

On the up side, homeschooling is going really well. Connor is progressing in all areas and Evan is showing some of his skills too. We've started into Legos this week and they are LOVING them! I found some kits with dinosaurs so it was the perfect way to make the leap into Legos. Tomorrow we are taking a trip down to the Lego store in town for a field trip with some friends. Too bad (or maybe not) that this came just after our trip to Disney with the gigantic Lego store they had there. This has been great for fine motor skills, following directions and perseverance...all things Connor needs practice with.