Monday, March 30, 2009


This week Connor and I are working on identifying farm animals. So I printed out some farm animal pictures and we worked on coloring.

Connor prefers to rip the paper and try to color on the table. Then he tries to eat the crayon.

But he did manage to color the cow a little. This is his first art project! He's got a future right?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

It's that time of year when the bluebonnets are in full swing here. We tried to get Connor to sit and get his picture taken in the neighbor's yard full of them, cooperation from the little one who knows there's a world to explore and he's in a rush to do it.

Connor managed to swipe Dave's computer mouse today and drag it around the living room.

He's a smart one!


We went out looking at houses this morning to try and get our moods back in the game. WE did have one looker at our house, but haven't gotten any feedback so far. Anyway, we found some great houses in our new "adjusted for the sinking price of our house" price range. But when we got home we found the house across the street up for sale for $33,000 less than ours...which is pretty low. So, there goes our chances and there goes the prices of houses in the neighborhood...not funny dude!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Week

Last Friday Sawyer and Connor went to Build-A-Bear. They both picked out the dog. They weren't really into the whole process. They were more interested in trying to escape and run out into the mall. But...Connor loves this dog. I got a collar and leash because he loves to play with Sophie and Marley's. He drags this dog around the living room, lays on it and plays and plays. It's pretty cute.

He also got his very own Elmo chair. He LOVES this chair. He sits in it and plays with other toys. He gets soooo excited when he figures out how to make it talk.

Obviously he loves to stand in it too.

Connor got a new Sand & Water table too (we used up all of his gift monies). He likes to go out on the back porch and play in it. He esp. likes to put the shovel in the sand and then right in his mouth. We're working on not putting everything in the mouth.

Connor got some crayons this's rained a lot this week! We've been working on coloring...and not eating the crayons. They're kind of cool though, only the tip sticks out of this round thing. It makes it easier for him to hold and not break the crayon. I'll put up pics once we get this process figured out.

We also had an ultrasound and a dr's visit in the last week for the new baby. My computer is very unfriendly these days so I can't scan the photos. But...everything looks great. We now have a 1 in 2300 chance of having a baby with Down's instead of a 1 in 250 because of advanced maternal age. So that's good to know. The heartbeat at the dr's on Wed was 165 beats per min. I don't remember Connor's being so fast, but maybe I only remember the end. I got a prescription for some sleeping pills because I've been having LOTS of trouble sleeping, but the insurance company won't fill it, so I need to go deal with that!

We dropped the price on our house again and have had no action on it this week. Other houses in the neighborhood are selling so I'm starting to feel like it's us. I told my realtor that I'm starting to feel like the fat kid in gym class that never gets picked for a team while everyone else around me gets picked. It's got to be our turn soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!

Connor and I spent Mon - Wed. this week in Ft. Worth with Amanda, Travis and Aiden.

On Tuesday we took the boys down to the stockyards in Ft. Worth to watch the cattle drive.

These gigantic longhorns walk down the street freely right past you. It's a little scary but also kind of cool.

Aiden had this Elmo chair that Connor LOVED! He played and played with the Elmo chair. I'm going to have to go looking for one.

Aiden is getting so big. Connor is a bit beat up though from trying to keep up with a wild two-year old. His legs are all bruised up....poor guy.

Aiden's cousin, Gavin, came to play too. Here's Aiden feeding him a banana.

Today we went to play group at Lexie's house. Then we went for a walk along S. Congress. We got to hear some of the SXSW bands and have sushi and noodles for dinner. I felt almost like I was real person. It was fun!

Tomorrow we have our 12 week ultrasound and then hopefully are going on a playdate to Build-A-Bear. Busy Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What To Do When...

your kid climbs in the oven.....take a picture!

Tuesday was Sophie's 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Sophie!

We went downtown to walk on the trails on Sun. and of course ended up at a bar. Connor had fun with another little boy there and then he discovered pickles. He really liked it!

I feel so bad for the little guy because all his toys are in the closet.

Sometimes he just sits in there and plays. We need a bigger house, but it's not looking like it's going to happen anytime soon.

Today a couple of Connor's friends came over to play. He and Lexie took their relationship to a new level. They exchanged milk cups. Then Connor attempted to feed her a goldfish but he changed his mind at the last minute and ate it himself....wish I had a pic of this! They had so much fun and it was nice to chat with the mommies while the babies played.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mac & Cheese

Connor, like his mommy and daddy, loves mac & cheese.

But it's really messy!

Connor likes to drag the pillows off the couch and attack them.

Fun times!

I got Connor a wiggly-worm sprinkler. As you can see, he doesn't really like the whole sprinkler thing but prefers it as more of a chew toy. I turned on the sprinkler and he stood there getting wet and wondering why his new toy was spitting on him. It was sad, but it was fun to surprise Sophie with the water. We had to hide it because he was chewing the styrofoam off the ends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We've been playing in the backyard the last few days. Connor carries his ball all around the yard while I go on a "hunting" expedition for dog presents.

He just likes to be outside.

Isn't he cute?

I bought some bubbles at Target today. Connor wasn't all that interested but Sophie thought it was cool.

I've been trying to teach him to climb up the back of this and then slide down the front. After this picture, he decided to just walk down the slide. He has no concept of falling off things and what can hurt him. I have to watch him at-all-times because he likes to climb up and shoot down stairs.

He found Sophie's ball...Sophie found his hat.

Sophie realized he has her ball...which she doesn't really want to play with, but doesn't want him to have either.

Connor discovered how to get on his Tonka truck today AND how to make it go by himself. He doesn't know how to back up though and just sits up against the wall or oven when he runs into them.

I'm 10 weeks today. I was really feeling bad last week, but a little better this week. I decided to get a membership for the gym to help with the weight gain. Yesterday we went for the first time. Connor got to go to the Kid's Club while I walked on the treadmill (with it's own tv with cable...very cool). I was pretty nervous about him going, but he did great. He just kind of stood around at first, but when I went back to get him 30 min. later he was climbing on stuff and had to be dragged out. Hopefully this will be good for both of us!