Monday, October 31, 2011

Been Busy!

We've been trying to work with Connor on potty training...again! This pic is from the first day where he peed his pants as soon as we got to the park...although I had asked him 15 times if he had to go. So he chose to run around the park sans pants (he DID have underwear on though) instead of going home. Didn't bother either of us, but I think a few of the other kids were traumatized! But since then, he's been doing really well. He gets a sticker each time he goes and has earned lots of new toys. He's starting to be interested in knights and dragons...although animals are still top of the list for him...but he's been earning some new toys and hasn't had an accident in 3 days!

I decided to start my own business 2 weeks ago...hence the title of this post...Been Busy! It's a home based business through a new company called Simply Fun. They make games for children from 3-103! The games are really good quality, fun, easy to learn and most importantly...educational. The boys are really enjoying playing all the games...esp the one with 63 dog figurines! I hope that I can get this business off the ground and share these amazing games with people.

This past weekend I went to an adoption conference. We are not sure if adoption is the way to go for us right now, but it's definitely an option that needs to be investigated. We have plenty of love and room for another child and could really make the difference in the life of a child...and they could make a difference in our lives.

Evan is doing really well. He loves following his brother around doing whatever Connor is doing...and then stealing those toys and making Connor scream. We have days that are filled with screaming and days where they get along very well.

Dave is still enjoying his new job and got his car back last week after the took 3 weeks!

The dogs are still massively lazy! Sophie has a bark collar these days which seems to really be working. My goal for November is to walk Bodie daily to hopefully get him to stop digging holes in our back yard...he seems to be looking for something out there. There are at least 10 holes! Unfortunately, Bodie's best dog friend in the neighborhood will be moving in a few weeks...we'll all be very sad to see them go!

Monday, October 17, 2011

ADK 2011

We had a great trip to the Adirondacks this year. We added a day on the front and end of our trip so it was very relaxing not to have to rush to get to the airport or feel like we were missing something. The weather was perfect...mostly 70s during the day. The first morning there though it was 27 and when we stepped out of our hotel room we saw the lake with steam coming off it. It was beautiful.

We decided to take Sam, Nathan and Marley's ashes to Bub Lake this first day and quietly spread their ashes.

Connor and Evan got to spend lots of time with their cousins this trip. They esp loved playing with Braeden and Landon.

We got to take some extra excursions this time since the weather was so nice. We took a scenic ride on the local train. It wasn't too exciting but it definitely gave the boys an experience they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. We also got to go out on the lake on a pontoon boat. We saw an eagle flying over us while we were out there. Connor LOVED that!

This was taken from the train. The leaves were beautiful and so was the weather. The boys played on the beach and even in the water.

Paul and Carol bought everyone reunion sweatshirts and we went and had our pictures taken by the lake (it was too hot for sweatshirts though). It was great to see everyone and take some time away!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 Year Pics

This was the best picture out of 45 minutes worth of picture taking! Evan was not down with this whole process...not a big surprise! We took some with Connor too, but they didn't come out very well either. I think maybe we'll just make our own number block from now on and take them at home!