Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Today Connor discovered that it saves time if you just shove your whole lunch in your mouth at once. Then you can go play sooner. Unfortunately he was eating a hard-boiled egg...yuck!

Ok, I'm ready. I'm not sure what we're doing but I like pumpkins so I'm game!

Come on Daddy, just carve the pumpkin already.

Forget it. I'm not waiting on him anymore. I'm taking my pumpkin for a ride.

Ok here we go....the old fashioned way too...very little electric tool use.

I can help clean and look for seeds.

I got it. This is what you do.

All done!

Connor's little pumpkin got carved too, but Evan had woken up and was eating so I didn't get to take a picture. This morning Connor has been carrying around his pumpkin and chasing Sophie with it. She has already stolen the lid and eaten half of it. I'm guessing that by the end of the day we will have a new pumpkin.

Evan is 5 weeks old today. He's starting to fall asleep on his own in his pack n play which is a BIG deal. That lets me deal with Connor and the dogs and go to the bathroom. Yeah Baby!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Month

Evan was one month old yesterday!!!! He celebrated with Elmo as you can see! He also started to give us a few smiles which is VERY exciting! We can't wait for them to appear on a more regular basis. Evan is up to 12 lbs now and continuing to grow. He likes to sleep and eat and poo! One of our friends called him a milk processor..which is pretty much true. We are getting some sleep at night. He gets fussy between 3 and 4 am so as long as I'm asleep early I get enough sleep to be able to function.

Self portrait

Daddy partied too hard on Evan's b-day...he needed a little nap.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 4 - Going Good

I found a deal on some backyard toys for Connor. I saved a couple back for holiday presents but I did give him the t ball stand to play with. As you can see, he doesn't quite get it yet.

He knows that you hit the ball off the top but he consistently holds the bat backwards. Amazingly though he has not hit the dogs or his brother with the bat yet....but it's only been 24 hours.

Connor decided that he wanted to hold Evan. He got the Boppy pillow and put it on his lap and said "Baby." He just sat there and looked at him. It was very cute.

Connor is still sleeping in his big boy bed. We've only had one nap time when he went back into his crib and I think that's because I set Evan in there to get Connor tucked in. He ran over to the crib, threw his blankie and doggie in and tried to climb in. Other than that though he's slept in his big bed. Sometimes it takes him an hour or more to fall asleep but he pretty much just plays with the toys he has in bed. Maybe he wanted a bigger bed so he could put more toys in it.

We're making some progress this week getting out and about. I still haven't figured out the best system yet, but it doesn't stop us from going and doing things.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Bed

Connor slept ALL night in his big boy bed last night and then again at nap time today! He'd been having fits all week about going in his crib so we decided to try the bed and he stayed. It took him about an hour to fall asleep last night but that's not unusual. He didn't scream or try to break out at all though so let's hope this starts a new trend in sleeping!

Connor's obsession with Pablo of the Backyardigan's is still going strong. He loves this little Pablo from his birthday cake and carries it around all the time. Well let me tell you that a 2 inch Pablo is darn hard to find. That Pablo can get into some tight places and he likes to stay there and hide. I probably have spent 45 min a day for 2 or 3 days this past week searching for it. So I found a beanie baby Pablo that is much bigger and much easier to find and am trying to convince him that this Pablo is much better. It's been pretty easy since after searching for, finding and then losing the little Pablo again we've just left him lost. Connor seems pretty happy with the new Pablo so no one mention the other one, ok?

Evan's still growing bigger every day. He's been a little difficult this week, but we had a fairly sleep filled night last night so I'm not going to complain!

But I will complain about the beagle! She ate Elmo's face off and chewed up Connor's pumpkin yesterday. She seems to be having the most trouble adapting to the baby and I'm getting ready to pay someone to take her! (Just had to stop typing to yell at her to stop licking Connor's spot at the table!)

Anyway, things seem to be getting back to normal here!

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Bath

Evan's cord finally fell off so it was time for the little guy's first bath. Obviously he wasn't a big fan.

All clean!


Connor looks a little suspicious of Evan though.

Evan's had a rough few days but seems to be getting back to normal. Probably just a growth spurt, but with the rain and the constant nursing we haven't gotten out of the house in a few days. Come on sun! Come out so we can get out of the house!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Evan - 2 weeks

Today was Dave's first day back to work after Evan's arrival. The boys and I have done fairly well on our own. They've both been napping for the last 1.5 hrs and Evan slept for 5 straight hours last night! Evan had his 2 week check up today and Connor had to get some vaccines so we went to the dr on our own! It really went very well...thank you iphone videos! The only troubles I had were the incredible wind that was pushing against us and trying to maneuver the new double the wind and around tight corners.

Evan was up to 10 lbs! He is 20.75" too! So in the last 2 weeks he's gained 1 lb and grown 3/4". The dr just said "WOW. You must be one of those women that has high calorie breat milk." It's called cream I think! But no worries with him and his amzing growth! This office doesn't give you percentiles so I don't know if he's off the charts yet, but I'm sure he's close if he's not!

Poor unsuspecting Connor thought he was just along for the ride, but he ended up getting 2 shots. He got pissed about half way through the second shot and by that time it was about over. We decided to go to Schlotsky's for a reward and he got a lemonade so all was good once again. I feel a bit guilty for letting him watch so much tv this morning, but it enabled me to get everything done I needed to so I'm thinking we'll just make up for it in a year or so and not watch so much then!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to Sweet Berry Farm today in Marble Falls to go to their pumpkin patch. Unfortunately when we got there (1.5 drive) we discovered they only take cash or check and all we had was $11 so we didn't get any of these huge $40 pumpkins.

Connor figured out really fast that this was a cool place where he could touch stuff.

Look what I found!

He got to ride in a wagon for the first time and learned what a pumpkin was too. He kept jumping/falling in and out of the wagon but I think he was so enamored by the pumpkins he didn't really seem to get hurt.

He thought this trailer with pumpkins in it was very cool. He ran back to this a couple times.

How cute!

I wanted a picture of him sitting here...he wanted to take all the little pumpkins/gourds off.

They had goats and horses too. He loves both these animals in his books and talks about them all the time at home, but seeing them in real life was a whole different story. Dave got him some food to feed them but he was too scared to enjoy them.

Ok time to go pick out a pumpkin!

These were the pumpkins we ended up bringing home. He really enjoyed the picking out process though. Once Dave put the first one in the wagon Connor got the idea and started trying pick up other pumpkins and put them in the wagon too! But he was hot and tired and ready to go by this time so we headed out. Evan slept most of the time in the Baby Bjorn.

Speaking of Evan..or Baby Spike as we sometimes call him....he's doing great for only being 12 days old. He pretty much sleeps at night. He'll eat anywhere from 3 - 5 times from 9pm to 7am so sometimes I actually get a good 6 hours sleep, not consecutively but total. He will let you set him down and sleep in the pack and play or bouncy seat so we actually get to eat too. All in all, I think we'll keep him! We go back to the dr on Thurs for a 2 week check up so we'll see how much he weighs!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Family Outing

This morning I had a dr's appt to check my incision. So we piled up the boys...which takes A LOT longer now...and got in the truck. When we got there we hopped out and ran around to opposite sides to get the child that was our charge for the day (I can't lift Connor or the baby's carseat so I need a little help still). When Dave got to Connor he found that Connor had a really bad nose bleed. We were already late so he said he'd deal with Connor and I went upstairs to my appt. It took another 10 minutes or so for him to get the nose bleed to stop and get him mildly cleaned up...ofcourse he had on a white shirt. We went in for the nurse to check my wound...which is healing well. We asked her to take a look at Evan's circumsion because we weren't sure if the scab we saw was right or not. They said they weren't sure but maybe we should take him in just to be safe. So while he screamed and Connor ran around, I waited for 10 min. to make my next appt and Dave sat on hold with the pediatrician's office.

After 20 min on hold they told us to come in in an hour and a half. We debated on whether to go home or not since we'd get home be there for 30 min and then have to race around and pack the boys up again so we decided to just go get lunch. We went to Chipotle in hopes that Connor would get so messy that the food stains would cover the blood stains and the dr wouldn't think we were beating the poor child. That plan pretty much worked...he was a mess! When we got back to the truck we thought maybe he'd look better if we turned his shirt inside only helped a little. We got to the dr's office with 15 min to spare, but now it was raining. We managed to get in, get checked in and go to the waiting room. Then Dave began to suspect that Connor had pooped his pants...only trouble was that he'd used most of the wipes on the nose bleed. So after searching for a changing station that was male accessible he discovered it was a false alarm, but by the time he got back Evan was making some loud noises. We got called back and needed to check Evan's weight...he gained 5 oz in 3 days and is up to 9lbs 2 oz! This kid is growing at an amazing rate! Anyway the dr came right in and said that the scab was normal but that part of it wasn't as healed as it should be...lots of blood came out when he touched it, but that it should heal on it's own soon. So we packed them back up and headed home trying to make sure Connor didn't pass out on the way home so he'd go down for his nap. When we got home we discovered that his current favorite toy, Pablo, was missing! But we put Connor down anyway, against his will, and Dave searched the truck again and found him. Crisis averted! Luckily Evan slept almost the entire time we were out...minus the small fit at the dr's office.

WOW! Two kids has been doable at home with two people but I'm not sure I'll be going out much by myself once Dave goes back to work in another week. I'll have to do what I did when Connor was little and take little trips out every day until we all get used to it.