Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Sentence

Connor just signed "please banana" for his very first sentence! He's growing and learning so fast! I'm amazed by him daily!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Baby!

Yesterday we went to Toys R Us to get Connor a baby. He's been really into babies lately and I thought it might help the transition to big brotherhood if we got him a baby and got out some of the baby things so he could explore them and be done by the time Evan comes along. As you can see, we had a hard time actually even getting to the "baby" aisle. He kept taking all the Elmo's off the shelves and I kept putting them back.

We decided to get the bouncy seat out and put his "baby" in it...that went over well! He LOVES the bouncy seat and spends at least 20 min. a day in it now!

And poor Baby doesn't even get to keep his clothes on. Each time I try to put them back on, Connor gets mad and makes me take them off. I tried a diaper today, but he wouldn't leave that on either. He did learn the sign for milk because he was "feeding" the baby it's bottle. He doesn't throw the baby and he seems to love it, so who knows what he'll do with the "real" baby!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Connor got his big boy bed put together this weekend. As you can see, he and Big Dog are very excited about it. I got him some sheets with balls on them and a quilt with dogs on it.

We haven't started going "nigh-night" in it yet but are reading stories in it every night. Hopefully we can slowly make the transition over the next 2 months.

We have started to make some friends in Pflugerville and are having fun hanging out with them. This is Shia. He's only 5 weeks younger than Connor and will be in the same class when they go to school. Aren't they cute?

Connor has started to become VERY interested in babies. Shia has a baby brother that Connor doesn't really mess with, but he knows he's a baby and all the toys and things that belong to the baby. Connor has started to point to my belly and say baby. Yesterday he found a toy baby and started carrying it around. I think that we'll get him his own baby and let him play in some of the baby's things over the next few weeks. Let's hope this is all a good sign for the life we are about to live!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Connor was sitting quietly in his playroom the other day reading the books in his book bin. Then I went in and he'd taken all the books out and climbed in the bin. Silly boy!

Connor was running around the house in his diaper this afternoon after playing in the pool on the back porch. We started playing with his Elmo towel. I put it on him and then he laid down on the floor face down so he was completely covered by the towel...but of course I couldn't catch that.

Connor has really started talking a lot these days. He now points at me and says "Mommy!" Finally! I've been waiting 17 months for that! He also is starting to do animal sounds. He was only doing woof and moo last week, but now he does neigh, baa and bok. He can also sort of say kitty and bear and sign alligator. It's amazing how much his vocabulary has grown in the last 2 weeks.

Baby #2 has a name now...Evan Michael. He is growing larger and more active every day. I went to the doctor this morning and everything seems to be right on schedule. And I think I'm doing a little better with the weight thing this time around...but of course I started out with additional weight from the last pregnancy. I have 9 weeks to go and 15 lbs until I'm at the weight I was when I delivered Connor. I think that's pretty long as I don't have the swelling I had at the end with Connor.

Sophie has some new friends. The neighbors have 2 new puppies. These puppies are wild and little so they can fit through the wrought iron fence and come in the yard to play with Sophie. She's really pretty good and it's tons of fun to watch!

I finally gave in and took Connor to the doctor on Thursday for the diarrhea. She said she wasn't sure what was causing it, but he hasn't been exposed to any of the places that could cause some of the really bad things, so just keep doing what we've been doing. I was a little more concerned though because he had lost almost 1/2 lb in the last 10 days. But.....of course today he didn't have any blowouts. Still not back to normal but going that way. Just takes paying the copay to make him better!

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Haircut!

Connor got his first haircut today at a place called Snip-It's. They cater to kids. He wouldn't sit in the chair by himself at first so she had to cut his hair while he sat on my lap. But he did MUCH better than I thought he would...esp. considering the crabby day we were having. Then at the end they put a card in a machine and it shoots out a toy which he picked up and tried to put back. He's getting to be such a big boy!

My gestational diabetes test results came back within normal limits today so that's good. I go back in on Friday so I'll get to discuss everything with them then.

We've been so busy playing with new and old friends. It's been so fun! Connor and I have met some great mommies and kids in Pflugerville and are so glad to have moved here!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Animal Sounds!

Connor decided to help put the water bottles away.

This week's project was a crane (hope you could tell). The teacher actually said he hoped I'd come back after the baby was born....I took it as a compliment, but maybe he just felt I need more help than he can give in 3 months. I did ask last week if he'd ever kicked anyone out. He said 2 people. Mostly because they didn't follow his instructions not because of lack of I figure I'm safe.

Connor started making animal noises this week. He can moo and woof. He can say the word pig but doesn't oink yet. He does love the picture of the pig and usually just kisses it when he sees it. Then I taught him that snakes are yucky, so he says snake (or something close) and then sticks his tongue in and out. He's had a bit of diarrhea this week and we've had a number of blow out's...none as bad as CO. Not sure what's going on. He's still eating and drinking and has no fever so I'm hoping it's a sign of teeth to come. (Oh yeah, he can point to eyes, nose, ears and teeth too.) He even ate a whole entire bowl of edamame last night at one else got any. So we're not overly worried...just tired of cleaning him up and doing all the laundry he's creating!

I had my gestational diabetes test on Thurs. That was fun! I went in and they drew my blood. Then I drank the orange junk they gave me. Then they drew my blood every hour for the next 3 hours. The problem is that I only have one good vein for taking blood. So my arms are pretty bruised up from them trying to find other veins. I just say Dave did it to me if anyone asks. Anyway haven't gotten the results yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

I know a lady here in town that had an 11lb baby boy this morning...9 days early! Please, don't let that happen to me! I saw her at the mall yesterday walking around....I guess the walking does help, but come on 11 lbs! How is that even humanly possible?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kiddie Acres

Laura and I took Addie and Connor to this toddler sized amusement park today called Kiddie Acres. Connor was NOT interested in the rides at all, but he was interested in the Elmo that Addie brought. As you can see in this picture, Connor "took possession" of Addie's Elmo and kept his Cookie Monster. Sitting in his stroller with Elmo and Cookie is pretty much what Connor did at the park. We tried the merry-go-round twice, but he refused to sit on the horse...and Mommy got kind of dizzy. He did sit, with Elmo, on the train that went around the park, but he was kind of pinned in by the side of the car and me so there's not much adventure there. So we decided to leave and went and had lunch with Daddy instead. BUT, on the way home Mommy did stop and buy him his own big Elmo. I had been avoiding buying this particular Elmo for about 6 months. It makes A LOT of noise. I let Connor hold it in the cart, but we never hit any of the buttons that made it talk. Then he accidentally elbowed it and it started to talk. He looked at it like it had just done the most horrible thing. It was hysterical. When I got it home and took it out, it started talking and talking and talking...and he ignored it and played with other things. Then when I turned it off he went over and got it and took it to take a nap with him. Let's hope he continues to like it in the "off" setting!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Art Class

This is my latest project from art class. My teacher said I got a c- on the yellow/green bird shading but an a- on the the blue one. I guess I got lucky. I've finished 4 classes and figure I have time to do 8 more before the baby comes. Hopefully I can actually develop some skill rather than just getting lucky once in a while.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Play Time

Connor has hit another milestone. He has begun "imaginative play." He pretends all the time to feed his toys. Today at lunch the newest toy, Cookie Monster (a bribe to get through Target) got to eat some lunch. On the plane on Sunday, Diaper Dog got to eat animal crackers out of the bag. And at some point most of his animals have pretended to drink from his drink. It's very cute and he thinks it's hysterical.

Now that we live in Addie's neighborhood, we get to see her a lot more often.

I found this cart at the resale shop this week for $6.50. He loves it. He usually steals household items to put in it, but whatever.

So I guess everything wasn't so grand at my last dr appt. They called on Wed. to say that I didn't pass my anemia or my gestational diabetes tests. So they called in a prescription for iron for the anemia...I'm hoping it helps with my extreme exhaustion...and I have to do a 3-hr diabetes test next Thurs. No fun, but all my aches and pains are really fairly normal for pregnancy...esp. when I didn't really have any time to recoup between baby #1 and baby #2.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Buffalo

Paul and I comparing bellies.

Cousin Danny is only 6 weeks older than Connor. They had fun getting to know each other.

Landon and Connor playing with the Fisher Price garage...Landon will be 1 this week. There will be a whole gaggle of boys growing up should be loud in a few years!

I guess we didn't do a very good job of taking pictures while we were in Buffalo. Probably because I had no idea where the camera cord was hiding.

I had a dr appt today. Everything's fine but my belly/baby are measuring 29-30 weeks and I'll only be 28 tomorrow. That could be a problem...thank goodness for c-sections! She said it could also be because he's sitting up so high...I go back on the 23rd so we'll see what they say. The last dr thought Connor was going to be really big early on, but he slowed down in the end so maybe we're just having a growth spurt!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Travel Weary

We spent the last 5 days in Buffalo visiting the K family. We had fun
and got to see almost everyone but wow were we tired. Poor Connor got
very little sleep. Here he is curled up on the floor of the airplane
on our way home.

I have a few more photos and promise to find that darn cord this week.

Connor is learning to communicate so quickly these days. I could
probably add 5 more things to my previous list. The best one is that
we've discovered that he's been saying Froggie and we just didn't
realize it because he calls him " Zah." And like dogs, any frog is a
zah. He has also started calling out for Dave by screaming "Daa-dyyy"
whenever he wants to find him.

I have my gestational diabetes test tomorrow. This test is the best.
You can eat up to 30 min before drinking this yummy orange drink. Then
an hour later they take your blood. For someone with low blood sugar,
like me, this test is a breeze. My body processes sugar too fast so
pumping me with sugar is not a problem. I self medicate with Skittles
all day long anyway. Bring it on!