Monday, January 23, 2012


We've gone to a few zoos lately since the boys are still so crazy about animals. They have so much fun looking at all the animals...except the goats. Connor is really afraid of the goats.

We went back to the eye dr today for Evan's strabismus. He said he sees minor improvement and since Evan has been fighting the patch so much lately that we could drop back down to 60 min a day. Yay! I also met a lady in the waiting room who said she'd have a SimplyFun party! Very successful trip to the dr!

Speaking of SimplyFun...I just got back from a mommy only trip to AZ for a SimplyFun Leadership conference. It was a lot of fun and great to meet all the people in person whose voices I have been listening to over the last few months. I didn't qualify for the free trip but since I was #1 in sales for Dec and for the 4th quarter I ended up getting $400 in "sprinkle" money! So my trip was essentially paid for! Yay! Plus I learned a lot and made many new friends! Now I have to work hard so that we can earn the free 5 day trip to Disney World over Evan's birthday in Sept!!! If you know anyone that wants to join my team...let me know!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Brothers

Today's Facebook post:
Connor is such a snot...he intentionally shouts the wrong answer at the cartoons when they ask questions...poor Evan will never learn what's right. Connor's already convinced him that red means go and green means stop and taught him to count 1,2,3, wonder first children are more successful. They teach the younger kids the wrong things.

Another post just a little later:

Just had to hang up the phone because the 3 yr old was running around the house naked and then locked himself and the 2 yr old in the bathroom! Fun times!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


We have spent the last week cleaning and de-cluttering the house. I think it's cleaner than it's ever been before! I've gotten an app that helps with daily routines. I just add what I need to remember to do daily and I get to give myself a big gold star when I get it done! And you'll be glad to know that updating the blog is in my was supposed to be done on Tues and it's Thursday now, but whatever...I got to it!

I don't really have any pictures to upload though. Our camera hasn't been very agreeable lately and the phones really don't take very good pictures. So sorry, but no pictures today.

We had a nice quiet Krismakwanzakah. The boys got lots of games (surprise, surprise). I think they're favorite was their Leapsters though. Connor got a game called Animal Genius that gives facts about animals! Right up his alley! They are working on learning how to use the arrows to move around within the games.

My SimplyFun business has been quiet since about Dec. 20th. I ended up being the top sales person again in December and now that January is so quiet...I'm feeling the pressure. I'm going to AZ in 2 weeks for the SimplyFun Leadership retreat. That should be fun!

I've been struggling with our losses lately. This will be a hard month since Nathan's due date is this month. I sure hope 2012 brings more smiles than tears.