Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Real Shoes

Dave's sister, Carol, was in town this past weekend. We had a great time with her. Froggie took her out drinking and showed her the town.

Connor has discovered outside. We went to the park yesterday and he LOVED it! He started taking off and "off-roading" it through the woods. The only problem was his little cutsie shoes just won't cut it. So we went to Stride-Rite today and got him a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of tennis shoes/sandals. He was not too happy about it. He refused to walk.

So I thought I'd take him back to the park and he'd be so excited about the park that he'd forget about the shoes.

I was right. He loved playing in the leaves and sticks. He tried to put a few in his mouth so we started working on "Yucky!"

He found this giant stick and had tons of fun playing with it. I thought it might be some trouble to get him to go home, but he was pretty good. I guess we'll have to start going to the park everyday. Such fun!

Also, Connor got his 5th tooth today. It's on top and it looks like number 6 shouldn't be far away.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dr. Visit

Connor went in for his 12 month visit today. He was 23lbs 13 oz. which put him in the 50-75th% (he hasn't been in that range since he was born). He was 30 in. tall which also put him in the 50-75th% and his head was still "off the chart" (big brains). He is doing everything he needs to be developmentally and there are no worries. He got the Polio and the Chickenpox vaccines. They are no longer making the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) in separate shots which is ridiculous. They are concerned about people not vaccinating, but they are not giving reasonable options. I think that the current shot schedule is too much, pumping 5-7 different vaccines into little bodies at once because it's "easier" not because it's safe. We try to only give 2 at time and will put the MMR off for probably a year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perks to 1!

Connor got to go for his first ride facing forward today! He thought it was pretty cool.

He's growing every day. He understands more and more. Now if you say "Let's check your diaper" he goes to the stairs to go up. If you ask where his Froggie is, he'll go find it. He understands what a dog is and calls all dogs "dog" even if it's stuffed. He says "bye bye" and waves. He can point to Mommy, Daddy, Sophie, Marley and Froggie when asked. He can find his toes when you ask. And today he learned to eat dirt/rocks....all boy now!

We have his one year check up tomorrow. They called to confirm today and they scheduled us with the wrong doctor. She not bad, just not as nice as the one I thought our appt was with...I even called 3 months ago and scheduled the appt. Oh well...just need to be ready to defend our choices to stretch out his immunizations again.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy Birthday Weekend - Part 2

Connor's first birthday cake...today he had his first taste of cake and his first hot dog...big day!

He got his own cake.

He wasn't too sure what to do with it.

Maybe I'm supposed to put it in my mouth.

Or maybe I'm supposed to rub it all over my face. This is one of the few family photos we have....oh well.

He didn't eat too much and had to go straight to the tub.

Then it was time to open presents. He really likes cards.

He had a crown too.

And the balloons were pretty cool.

Connor had a great weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent wishes and/or came to his party. We are so thankful to have this beautiful boy in our lives.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy Birthday Weekend - Part 1

Our busy weekend started with Froggie getting a little rowdy and trying a doggie rodeo. As you can see it didn't go over well with Marley.

Aunt Mary Ann sent a great animal farm. Connor loves it! Thanks! We also got cards/money from both sets of grandparents and Aunt Lydia & Uncle Matt. Thank you!

At Corbin's b-day party on Saturday, Connor thought he'd found daddy, but it wasn't him.

It was all a little too much for Corbin.

Then Corbin's mommy got out the toys and both boys were very excited.

Time to strip down and try some b-day cake.

As you can see....it was a BIG hit! Corbin went straight into the sink for a bath after this!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Year Old Pictures

Connor wasn't as cooperative with the whole picture thing this time, but we got a few good ones. I'll be sending some out soon. Let me know if you have a favorite!

Monday, February 9, 2009

All Night!

Connor slept until almost 8am this morning. He had some trouble going down last night...I don't think he fell asleep until 8:20 or so. I don't know because I sat in the hall for about 10 min. then I snuck away. He didn't cry when I left. Big step! And he didn't cry at all last night. Dave got to sleep in bed for the entire night...well, at one point this morning I tried to kick him out because he wouldn't stop snoring, but he didn't go. So I think in two weeks we've made some major progress on the sleep front! Yeah Connor!

This afternoon I had my first appt. at the new doctor's office. It was just with the nurse to go over medical history and pregnancy rules. But because I'd had some spotting last week, she gave me a referral to have an ultrasound....which we are doing tomorrow afternoon. Don't know if they do pics of a "baby" this early, but I'll let ya know. I'll get to meet my new-to-me doctor in two weeks when I go back, but it was comforting to find many of my old doctor's staff at this new office.

We have an appt. on Wed. for Connor's 1 year pictures. I hope he doesn't get any major bumps or bruises until after that. He does have kind of a bloodshot eye, but no gook so I'm guessing just allergies (sorry about that, little guy). Then on Sat. we get to go to Corbin's one year party and Connor's is on Sun. so we should have lots of pics to share this week!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I was watching Y&R today and a commercial came on where a lady said bye-bye. Connor was playing on the floor. He stopped, looked at the tv, starting waving and said' "Bye-bye." Sooo cute!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rough Week

Connor's started playing peek-a-boo by walking back and forth behind the couch. It makes him laugh so hard usually that he falls down and the game is over. It's very cute. He's also started waving, finally, and kind of says "bye-bye" at the same time. He only waves to Dave once he's out the door though., so I'm not sure Dave's seen it.

We've had kind of a rough week.

Sleep....Connor's doing a really good job falling asleep alone in his bed. The problem is that he wakes up later. The first week we were just working on falling asleep in his bed and picked him up in the middle of the night to bring him with us. This week it was time to start making him stay in his bed. The first night he wasn't very happy about it. He screamed quite a bit and made for a very long night. The next night was a little better, but he still woke up. He didn't scream as much but he was awake for about an hour and would scream if I walked out of the room. So I laid on the floor. Last night was Dave's turn. He can actually sleep though while laying on the floor. Connor did a lot better last night. Maybe tonight no one will have to sleep on the floor!

House...no one's come to look this week. That sounds bad, but I don't think I could have handled cleaning the house this week, so I'm not that bothered.

So this weekend on Facebook, I let the cat out of the bag, so I guess I need to let it out here too. As of yesterday, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. When I woke up yesterday I had some spotting and cramping and was sure it was the beginning of the end for this pregnancy. But I rested and things seem to be a little better today. Still having some cramping, but I remember the same thing happening last time. Let's hope that things settle down and things progress normally.

Between not sleeping much and the emotional stress, it's been a rough week. And to top things off, Connor just bit my neck! The little Vampire. I've got a good hickey to top things off!