Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on Evan

So apparently Evan had a pneumococcal bacterial infection. Ironically he was scheduled to get his 2nd vaccine against that this week. We ended up spending 6.5 hours at the doctor's office this week where they took blood 3 times and gave him 3 shots of antibiotics. Luckily we caught it early and it really only gave him a high fever (for a few hours) and an ear infection. He has to take oral antibiotics for the next week but his white blood cell count is back in the normal range and he's good to go. Yeah Evan!

Funny Connor story...
I was standing at the computer typing and I felt Connor messing with my butt and putting something up the back of my shirt. I turned around to see that he had the thermometer and was trying to take my temperature! Guess he spent too much time at the doctor's office this week! Then he ran off and tried to put the thermometer under his dinosaur's arm to take it's "numbers." I think he played with the dinos and thermometer for a good 30 min.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Evan is 5 Months..and Sick!

Evan is 5 months old today and 19 pounds! Oh My!

Yesterday when he woke up from his nap he felt warm. I gave him some time to cool down figuring he was just warm with his footie outfit and blanket on, but he never cooled down. So after about 20 min. I took his temperature and it was 103.8. I immediately called the dr and they said come right in. They took blood and urine samples, looked in ears, did a chest x-ray, gave him a shot of antibiotics and three hours later sent us home and told us to come back in the morning. We went back this morning and they said the blood culture came back positive meaning there may be some kind of blood infection. So they took more blood and gave him another shot of antibiotics and told us to come back tomorrow morning. Tomorrow they should be able to tell us what they found in the two blood samples and see if it's really a blood infection or just a false positive. He seems to be feeling fine though. His fever was gone by the time he went to bed last night. The dr saw some fluid in one ear yesterday and said that was better this morning. He seems ok so I'm not freaking out. I really just think it's an ear infection and he may just be one of those kids that gets high fevers. I'll let you know tomorrow!


We got quite a bit of snow yesterday. We were over at a friend's house and the kids decided to go outside. Connor wasn't real sure of it all, but he was quite certain that he hated the mittens. They didn't last long.

We ended up going outside right after this pic because he was cold and wet. Unfortunately we had to take Evan to the dr after nap time so he never got to play in the snow again. It didn't last into today.

Sophie got some play time.

Connor got a new Moo-Moo carseat cover. We moved him into a new seat so that when Evan is ready for a big seat we can use Connor's but so it didn't seem like we're moving Connor out and giving it right to Evan we're changing him now so he can get used to it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soccer Tots

Today we went to a place called Soccer Zone for a sample of their Soccer Tots class with our moms group. As you can see Connor likes soccer balls. At first he was upset because his pants got dirty from sitting on the artificial turf, but he got over that pretty quickly.

Here he is actually following the one direction he followed the entire time we were there.

All he did the entire time was carry a soccer ball around and kick it except when they asked him to get a soccer ball. Then he wanted nothing to do with it. He's actually pretty good at kicking and walking while kicking.

Shia and Connor are spinning in their own little worlds while everyone else is doing what the teacher asks.

At one point he just took his own time out. Oh well, it was fun none the less. I think we will wait until this summer when tumbling class is over to do this...and maybe Connor will be better at following directions...I won't hold my breath though!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Connor's Surgery

Yesterday we went to have Connor's surgery to repair an undescended testicle. As you can see he was pretty calm and uncharacteristically cooperative. They did come and take him back right after this picture. He did scream as they were taking him, but I think it was mostly because I took the phone away from him. The surgery was supposed to take an hour but about 30 min in to it the doctor came out to talk to us. Apparently the testicle was not undescended but did not ever develop and needed to be completely removed. Leaving it in could cause it to become cancerous at some point in the future and therefore was an easy decision to come to. We know that the other testicle is functioning because he has developed as a boy with correct boy parts. So he will enter puberty normally and will be able to have children. We are glad to have found this so early and have it taken care of. Dave has dealt with it well....he has a number of "nut" jokes that he's been working on and a Lance Armstrong Halloween costume.

We were a little concerned that he would come out of the anesthesia badly, but he was very calm. They did a kiddie spinal on him so he didn't have any feeling in his legs. They gave him some apple juice and a popsicle and he sucked that all down and then they sent us home. Of course he puked all that back up on the way home, but that was kind of expected. We set him on the couch and told him not to move...yeah, right! He tried to get up but couldn't because his legs didn't work yet. We gave him some noodles and he asked for 4 refills of noodles. Then the real trouble started. He felt better and was determined to get up. He still wasn't quite ready to walk though. He looked like a baby animal learning to walk AND he thought it was hysterical so he kept trying. They told us not to hold him on our hip, let him straddle any toys or let him climb for a week. Hello, he's two. How do you keep a two yr old from climbing? don't. So we're just keeping him on pain meds and hoping that he heals quickly without pulling anything.

Evan Rolls!

Here's Evan with his friend Dov who is 11 months old.

Yesterday Evan couldn't let his brother have all the attention. He rolled from his back to his belly for the first time. He rolled from his belly to his back when he was 2.5 months but the other way is harder. Now if he could just put the two together he would be all over the place...but please, don't tell him that!

We weighed him yesterday and he's over 19 lbs! Big boy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Connor is 2!!!!

Connor turned the big 2 today! We went to the dr and then to the store where he found this gigantic T-Rex that he obviously loves. Everything checked out at the dr. He's 28 lbs (50%) and 34 1/4 in (50%) so he's right on track except that he only has 13 teeth. He's been "riding" the dinosaur around the house. At one point I heard him say "meat eat" and I went over and he'd stuffed a smaller dinosaur in it's mouth. I guess he understands that whole concept!

Shia and Dov and lots of other friends came to play at his Dinosaur party on Saturday. We hunted dino eggs, dug for dinos in the sand box and played on the new playscape. It was lots of fun.

Addie and her mommy liked coloring dino pics, but Addie was really just there for the cake!

Connor got lots of new dinos. Thanks to all our friends for coming to play and for all our new toys!

Auntie Nora made this adorable dino cake. It was red velvet and yummy!

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

Daddy helped Connor open his presents. He got a big trash truck which he calls "garbage can" and a Magna Doodle along with all the dino stuff.

The aftermath...we can't wait to turn 3!

Next on the agenda is Connor's surgery on Thursday. We hope all goes well and we're ready to play again by the weekend.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Before Evan's hair completely falls out I thought I'd better do the mohawk that everyone keeps asking if we've done. So here it is in all it's glory. Connor thought it was pretty funny too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Playscape! Updated!

We finally got the boys' playscape put up. It took a lot of workers about 4 days (they kept walking off the job because it was too much work or too cold), but here it is! We are looking forward to many fun hours of backyard play through the years!

Dave decided that he could get the mulch to fill in the hole around the playscape and this is how he did it. The City of Pflugerville gives you free mulch if you're a resident so Dave made 5 trips in our Element to get mulch. Thank goodness the inside is plastic, but you really can't "hose them out" like they say you can because there's no drainage hole...the water will just sit in there. I haven't "inspected" it yet after this whole ordeal, but I'm betting there will always be mulch somewhere in the truck for the rest of it's life!

BTW, Connor has hidden the camera so if there aren't any pictures for a while...blame him!

Update: 1) Found the camera! 2) Tooth #13 has come through! Only 7 more to go and he'll catch up to the other 2 yr olds!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sitting Up!

I'm a big boy and I can sit up now!

Evan is almost sitting up. Today at our MOMS meeting he did a better job than this but these were the best I could get and take a picture. He's not quite strong enough in the torso but he's getting there and will be sitting for longer times and straighter soon! That will make playing with toys WAY more fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinosaur Train

We are in full dinosaur mode here. Connor is completely obsessed with the show Dinosaur Train. He screams "Dinosaur Train" most of the day hoping I will give in and let him watch the show. Today he tried a different tactic and said "Dinosaur Poop" which is what one of the episodes is comically about. We decided that maybe if we gave him some dinos to play with that would take his mind off the show...nope, it may have made it worse! But each morning when he gets up there's a new dino waiting some where in the house for him to find. It's kind of fun. He can say their names and talks about certain features they have. Today I tried to distract him by helping him make a dinosaur habitat to play in. It didn't work. He stuck his Lightning McQueen car in it, shut it and said "Nigh-night Li-ni-ning!"

This week some of the moms, and one dad, in my MOMS Club started a diet for the entire month of February. We are on teams and get points, up to 100, for following the rules each day. It really makes you accountable to other people. You don't want to let them down or show that you have no will power so I assume that it should work pretty well. Everyone on my team lost over a pound in one day so let's hope we can maintain the success. I have already lost all of my Evan baby weight and am working on my Connor weight. I have 5 pounds to go for my first short term goal(which is down 42 lbs from my highest weight in both pregnancies). My reward will be a new without granola bar and apple juice at the bottom or diapers hanging out of it! Go Team!