Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dave says good-bye to bachelorhood...finally!

Well, we decided to bite the bullet and get a mom-mobile! We needed something a little easier to get in and out of than Dave's 2002 Solara. He was very upset to part with it. I reminded him that I had to give up my house for the good of the cause...he had to sacrifice too! We also needed something that Dave could use to get things from Home Depot without begging a friend with a truck to help us. We weren't ready to completely commit to a huge SUV. We also weren't ready to go to the mini-van life (we seriously considered it though). So the Element gave us the most options with the least money. They also had a special going with .9% APR so we really couldn't pass it up. Dave's a little troubled with the fact that whoever has the baby gets the Element and who ever doesn't gets my little Mazda. He's trying to figure out how we can pay that off soon and get something he likes better! I'm thinking I got the best of this deal! We also may have found a new tenant for the Round Rock house. Our tenants will be leaving at the end of Jan. Our salesman is looking for a house up there. We think it may be a little small for him and his family, but we'll definitely talk to him about it! Keep your fingers crossed!
Connor is doing fine. We went to the doctor on Fri. He's still measuring exactly what the books say he's supposed to....even though I feel like an elephant! He gets the hiccups a little more strongly these days. He's getting kind of tight in there so I can feel lots more. He's still butt up and likes to stick it out. His feet are in my ribs on the right side and they move often...esp. when I'm "asleep." We finished our Child Birth Prep class. Connor's bag is packed for the hospital and I have a list of what we'll need to take. The pet-sitter is on notice. We just need a baby!
Our Christmas was nice. We got some fun toys. The doge were into their stockings. Sophie had de-stuffed her toy and Marley's before we finished unwrapping all the presents! Dave's trying to get some of his house projects finished so he can start brewing his own beer which he's named Lot 1 Lager. We've had a nice week off and are looking forward to another. Although we should probably get off the couch a little more in this coming week and get some of the projects finished that we had planned to do.
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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