Sunday, November 4, 2012

Potty Trained!

Connor has had a struggle with getting over that last hump of potty training. He was diagnosed with overactive bladder and has been on two different kinds of meds that only half way worked. We have bribed and scolded and cried and had lots of struggles, but finally this week something fell into place and he was able to wear the same pair of shorts and underwear for the entire day...for 5 days in a row! Two years ago, I bought him this letter play-doh kit (since he was so into letters when he was 2) and told him I'd give it to him when he had 5 dry days in a row. It never happened. I felt bad and even told him once that if he could go just 2 days that I'd give it to him, but he was never able to do that either. So it just sat on a shelf in my closet...until today! He had 5 straight dry days and earned his play-doh kit! I'm soooo happy to be past this and I hope it stays! I'm pretty sure he's in a growth spurt (keep finding him head first in the fridge) so this one must have been the one where his bladder grew enough to to catch up with him! YAY!!!

Evan has been doing pretty well, until this week! Why can't they both have good weeks? Anyway, he's earned lots of Lego vehicles (and then lost them all this weekend for having so many accidents), but we're back on a sticker chart and hopefully will have two potty trained boys by month's end! That's some serious extra money in the budget! (Connor's already announced he wants a computer for Christmas so he's already made plans for that money! LOL) 

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