Sunday, November 4, 2012


 We hosted our 2nd Annual Halloween cookie decorating party this year. We had 17 kids and 11 adults! It was loud and tons of fun!

 I took the boys to a pumpkin patch one day. They were totally not interested in anything there. It took over an hour to get there. We walked around for 20 min and then went back home and had to go to Walmart to find the mini pumpkin Evan was looking for (because Sophie at his first one).

 Here in TX you have to wait until the night before Halloween  to carve pumpkins...and they still went bad!

 Diego got a little excited and started attacking the fireman while we were waiting to go trick -or-treating.

Connor was much more excited for Halloween this year than he has been in the past (even though he doesn't look it here). He actually picked out the Diego costume and Evan refused to pick anything out. But then Evan tried it on and giggled constantly while wearing it. So Connor decided to be a fire fighter. We went to a few houses and then hung out in our driveway giving out candy. A stray kitty came up and played with us most of the night. Connor named it Bert and decided it was ours, but it's family came and got it and there was some serious pouting going on here. All in all, it was a successful Halloween!

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