Thursday, November 15, 2012


 Connor has suddenly become infatuated with horses. He was begging me to adopt a horse! He come up with great reasons and places it could live. He said he'd take care of it. Thank goodness for an HOA!

 So I posted something on Facebook and one of the moms in Pflugerville said that her parents had horses and we could go visit them.

 They had 5 horses, a pony and a donkey. We stayed for 3 hours and I had to drag the boys away to leave.

 I thought that they might be scared, but they really weren't. They wanted to get right in there and feed them and pet them. We didn't get a chance to ride though.

 The pony, Trig, wasn't so sure of kids. A couple of the horses had been around kids before and would run when they saw them coming because they knew they'd have to give them a ride.

 They fed this horse, Tiyarra, so much that she probably won't need to eat for a week.

 I told Connor that when he learned to ride Bodie we would adopt a horse. He came home, got his stuff together and gave it a good effort!

So the next day I took him to a local amusement park that does $4 rides...he took 3 and again I had to drag him out. I came home and contacted a local stable to see about riding lessons. They don't start until 5, but we have an evaluation on Monday to see if they'll agree to work with him! I guess I need to take some lessons too.

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